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Moving After Divorce


It's a simple fact in every divorce - one or both spouses must move out of the home they've shared together. This can be a difficult and stressful process to add to any divorce.

In many cases, a divorcing couple owns a house that isn't fully paid off. For many people, the easiest way to deal with splitting the equity of the joint house is to sell it. The necessary result of this sale is that both spouses have to move to a new place to live.

This can create a whole host of difficulties, but with a little preparation and planning you may find that moving after a divorce isn't nearly as hard as it may sound.

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Finding a New Home During Divorce

The first step is to determine whether either spouse will remain in the marital residence.  This may be something you and your spouse can agree on, or might ultimately be determined by the court. Many couples find that neither of them can afford to keep the house alone, which is why divorce often results in the sale of the marital residence.

If you do decide that moving is your best option, then one of the best ways to start the process is to make a detailed list. Your list should include all the things that you need to do and what you want to have and need to have in your new house or apartment. Be realistic in creating your list:  remember that you may have neither the space nor the financial resources that you did during your marriage and some adjustments may be necessary.

Things to Consider When Moving After Divorce

There are some things that can be easily forgotten when you're looking for a new place to live, but they can be deal breakers.

Schools: If you have kids, make sure to check out the quality of the schools they will be attending.

Taxes: How much do the property taxes in the area run?  The variation may be significant, and it's a cost you can't afford to overlook in your planning.

Maintenance: If you are buying, how much upkeep will the property need? If you are renting, make sure to check and see how good the rental agency is at maintaining your apartment.