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Psychological Effects of Divorce


Life after divorce can be a difficult transition for all parties involved, including children, close friends and other family members. Divorce represents a major life change and can take time to adjust to.

Being divorced after years of marriage is hardly an easy experience for a recently-divorced participant. In addition to dealing with their own feelings about the end of a relationship, divorcees will often have to tackle a wide variety of other issues after divorce.

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From alimony and child support payments to child visitation schedules and other considerations like property division, divorce can bring on a whole bunch of other responsibilities that require some serious commitments of time and adjustments of regular routines.

For a parent without legal and physical child custody, not seeing a child everyday could be one of the most difficult adjustments after divorce. It is not uncommon for divorcees to feel depressed, bitter and angry that they do not have custody of their child or children.

While these feelings are common among divorcees, it is important to remember to not let these feelings affect the time spent with children. Divorce is tough enough as it is on children, and they should not have to serve as sounding boards for one parent's frustrations.

Divorce and Children

As just one example of how difficult divorces can be on kids, it is quite normal for younger children to have a fascination that their parents will eventually get back together. For other children, they might not understand the reasons behind the divorce and thus put the blame squarely on their own shoulders.

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In other instances, a child may pit the blame for the divorce on one of the parents specifically and feel angry towards him or her.

Children may also have a hard time getting used to the fact that they will no longer see one parent quite as often as in the past, and let these changes in their home affect other aspects of their life, including schoolwork. Teachers and parents may notice that their children are more quiet and withdrawn after a divorce.

Divorce and Other Family Members

Even immediate friends and families are directly affected by divorce. For the parents of the divorcees, it may feel weird to not see a son or daughter-in-law as much, especially at holiday gatherings. Someone who once was a major part of an extended family may not be around anymore after filing divorce.

For close friends of divorcees, it may be hard to maintain relationships with both the ex husband and wife after divorce. Especially for other couples, it may feel like they have to choose sides when their friends get a divorce. In some instances, they may have less contact with either the man or woman or even both of them after divorce, and thus feel saddened at what used to be.

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As you can clearly see, a divorce has psychological implications on a wide variety of parties beyond just the divorcing couple and their children. If you are considering divorce and would like to probe deeper into these psychological affects of divorce, get in touch with a local divorce attorney.

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