North Dakota Child Support Enforcement Program Comes Under State Control!

Late last week, North Dakota Governor John Hoeven signed a new law that will transfer the administrative duties of the state’s child support enforcement program from counties to the state. The Department of Human Services was described as saying in an online KFYR-TV story that this change will allow for more consistent services and specialization of certain North Dakota child support programs. State legislators have said that this consolidation of resources will especially benefit families in need following a divorce and that children will ultimately be better off with a more uniform North Dakota child support system.

State Representative Clara Sue Price specifically said in the story that this consolidation of the North Dakota child support enforcement program will provide more tools and resources for specific situations, like when one parent lives out of state or there are child visitation problems. Governor Hoeven also pointed out that this bill signed into law will save counties more than $15 million over the next four years. Hoeven said that these savings will be passed back to North Dakota citizens via property tax relief.

In addition to consolidating services, this new North Dakota child support law will also allow for eight child support enforcement office locations across the state. The KFYR-TV story added that $25.5 million will go toward the transfer of the enforcement program from counties to the state during the next four years.

One Response to “North Dakota Child Support Enforcement Program Comes Under State Control!”

  1. Nancy Laughery Says:

    My husband has 50/50 custody with his ex wife. His child lives with us full time. He still has to pay her child support every month. How is that fair. Doesn’t anyone understand that it takes away from the child? We recently tried to gain 100% custody. The judge denied it. Also in his judgment he said neither party pays the other support yet my husband still has to pay the child support. I will never understand the way this stupid state works