Married a Liar? Tips for Coping with a Lying Spouse

By: Gerri L Elder

Lies are a common but unfortunate issue in marriage. You may not realize it at first, but if you’re married to a liar, you will most likely discover it at some point during the marriage.

If you find out your spouse is a chronic liar, it may be difficult to remain calm. If you decide to confront your spouse about the lying, you should when you feel you’ll be able to keep a cool and level head. If there is any indication that your spouse may be abusive or violent when you talk, have the conversation in a public place.

During the discussion, you should let your spouse know that you know about the lies. If you have decided divorce is best to protect yourself from a lying spouse, take this opportunity to let them know that you will be filing for divorce. You can then discuss separation and a divorce settlement agreement.

Your spouse may beg for forgiveness and promise to stop the lying, but before you agree to a second chance, you should realize that some people are compulsive liars and the promises may also be lies. Be aware – lies are often used to manipulate. You might agree to a second chance, contingent on your spouse seeking counseling.

In the event that you choose not to divorce a lying spouse, you should realize there is real potential that you will be deceived again.

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