Mass. Most Wanted Child Support Delinquent Pays

Massachusetts managed a victory in child support enforcement. On Monday, June 22, one of the state’s most wanted child support delinquents agreed to pay $15,000 in child support to the mother of his son.

Gilbert Allen Smith pleaded guilty to criminal nonsupport in a hearing in Northampton District Court. Smith received three years on probation.

In February, the Department of Revenue released a “10 most wanted” poster of fathers who hadn’t paid child support. Smith was ranked seventh.

Mary A. Likins will receive the entire $15,000 by Friday of this week. The couple, who never married,  have a 16-year-old son together. In 1994 Likins separated from Smith, and he stopped paying child support in 1995.

Judge Richard J. Carey also ordered Smith to pay $80 a week in child support and an additional $1,500 every six months to cover the $44,315 in unpaid child support he owes.

Source: The Republican

One Response to “Mass. Most Wanted Child Support Delinquent Pays”

  1. Mesa Divorce Says:

    Good for Massachusetts! Obviously, both parents are responsible, and one should not be allowed to disregard this. It is a shame that Mr. Smith show little regard for his daughter’s welfare. The Department of Revenue has a good idea about making delinquents accountable. Unfortunately, it took 14 years. Hopefully, as the system improves, the support will be more timely, and the children will receive the support when they need it the most.