Total Divorce’s 63 Definite Divorce Reads

63 Best Blogs: Taking You On A Journey Through Family Law and Life

When going though a divorce, you’re trying to figure everything out, like who gets custody of the kids, how do you split up assets and how much child support will you get. The amount of information can be a little overwhelming, so Total Divorce compiled a list of the top 63 blogs that we think deserve special recognition.

We don’t monitor all the content of these blogs, but in our minds, these blogs are the best of the best and could be of interest to you.

The blogs we choose covered topics in the following categories:

  1. Working Through Divorce
  2. Advice on Divorce and Relationships
  3. Single Parenting & Raising a Blended Family
  4. Children and Divorce
  5. Life after Divorce
  6. Divorce and Finances
  7. Divorce Networking Sites

Congratulations to the winners! Thank you for doing what you do best and providing readers with some great material. Keep on blogging!

Working Through Divorce

  • Finding my Way. This blog has transformed from when the blogger separated from her husband in 2005, to where she is in her life today. The journey is a mixture of divorce, dating, finances, gardening, traveling and more. Learn something new or “laugh in recognition” while enjoying the beautiful pictures that show the blogger’s experiences. Read it:
  • Herding Cats. “Being married raises a woman’s position in life.” The instant the blogger heard this phrase, she did not believe it to be true. So she started a blog to share her story, opinions and thoughts about life. This new blog was just started in July, but it’s shaping up to be a great resource about divorce, debt, parenting and life. Read it:
  • Someone Said Goodbye. While going through divorce, sometime it helps to embrace all your emotions. Some Said Goodbye features poetic posts about working through the emotions of divorce. The male blogger’s posts are private thoughts and feelings that many usually keep bottled up inside. Read it:
  • I Missed Being Me. Sara is a divorcee, who is passionate about her involvement with Missing Persons cases, as well as creating awareness about and fighting domestic violence. Get inspired with tips on living with compassion for others and how to cope with divorce positively. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @imagepublicity
  • Rayredderick’s Blog. A divorcee offers stories and information about his experience with divorce on his blog. Fellow divorcees can get a fresh perspective on aspects of divorce or find useful resources. Readers are encouraged to ask questions and share stories. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @nostate
  • Quest for T. This divorced mom of two is on a journey to self discovery. Travel with her as she learns lessons on relationships. The posts offer inspiration messages that give readers an appreciation for love and life. T is active in the blogging sphere, offering a list of other great blogs about relationship advice, single parenting and fresh perspectives to read.  Read it: Follow on Twitter: @TsQuest

Advice on Divorce and Relationships

  • Seven Secrets to a Successful Divorce. Whether you are questioning your weight, what other people think or how to date after divorce, Christina Rowe discusses the thoughts and fears that run through a woman’s mind during divorce. She also has a book dedicated to details women should be aware of during the divorce process. Her blog is essentially “what every women needs to know.” Read it:
  • The Modern Woman’s Divorce Guide. You may not have planned or expected your divorce, but on this spiritual-based blog, learn to embrace being single.  This Christian-centered blog features Bible based posts about dealing with the divorce process. If you are looking for somewhere to turn that will offer spiritual coaching, check it out.  Read it:
  • Divorcing Daze. In entertaining and relatable blog posts, Laurie and Laurie examine all different facets of divorce, dating, politics, parenting and finances. The two friends offer unique perspectives as they discuss the ups and downs of heterosexual and homosexual relationships.  Read it: Follow on Twitter: @DivorcingDaze
  • Let me Know what you Think, Feel and Ready to Share. Dr. Joseph Abraham is a psychologist and life coach that specializes in marital counseling. Get insights about marriage counseling and if it can help from his blog.  This is a very interesting blog focusing on the psychological effects of a divorce and separation. Read it:
  • Center for Divorce Mediation. The blog from The Conflict Managers offers information and suggestions about mediating a relationship or divorce. Wally and Mary Marcus at the Center for Divorce Mediation offer tips on how to handle divorce, what it means for your health and how to deal with conflict. Read it:
  • The Divorce Coach. Although this blog from Jackie Walker, the Divorce Coach, is based on UK divorce, it offers great insight on divorce and tips on dealing with difficult situations. The blog addresses the emotional and practical sides of divorce, touching on topics affairs, personal breakthroughs and overwhelming feelings. Read it:
  • Thrive After Divorce. Get information and read FAQs about divorce, parenting, motivation, moving on and mindset at this blog. The entries address questions that many divorcees have and offer advice on how to deal with the difficult situations. Read it:
  • The Smart Divorce. Considering divorce? Check out The Smart Divorce blog to learn about all the different aspects of divorce, from the divorce process to creating a better life after divorce. The blogger speaks from her own experience, sharing what she’s learned from divorce lawyers, financial advisers, counselors and other experts about a “smart divorce.” Read it:
  • Fresh Start After Divorce. The blog is a forum for people to get support while going through a divorce and after divorce. It talks about being single again, how to handle the transition out of divorce and more. It’s a unique blog that features posts in a talk show format. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @AfterDivorce
  • Divorce Answers. Divorce Answers is a support system for users and readers. The blog features categories on divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, updates and more. Set up in a question and answer format, the posts offer advice on dealing with multiple scenarios that come up during the divorce process. Read it:
  • Divorce Hotline. Get personal with a divorce lawyer. Although Janine is a family law attorney, Divorce Hotline is focused on her feelings toward marriage, divorce and kids. See the personal side of the law as the blogger offers information from her experiences in dealing with divorce. Read it:
  • Prill Boyle’s Deying Gravity. International speaker, Prill Boyle, offers readers motivation and uplifting thoughts to help get through difficult situations in life. Get this female author’s perspective on being a “late-bloomer” in life. The blog offers information on daily living, career change, exercise, setting limits and quotes of wisdom. Read it:
  • Judith’s Divorce Blog. Judith is a witty UK divorce lawyer who blogs about her personal views on divorce. Instead of offering legal advice, Judith blog reflects on a “slightly different, frequently fictional, angle” of divorce. This is a popular blog among divorce blog readers and writers. Read it:
  • One (Divorce) Lawyer’s Perspective. A family law attorney blogs about his thoughts on divorce and family law at One (Divorce) Lawyer’s Perspective. The blog is for informational purposes only and focuses on divorce in the news. Read it:
  • Divorce Drama. There’s no denying that most divorces are filled with drama. Get tips about those touchy topics, you’ve always wondered about but maybe were afraid to discuss: spying on your spouse, punishing your ex and signs of cheating. This blog is a great resource to learn about all aspects of divorce. Read it:
  • My Family Law Celebrity Blog. Celebrities are known for their number one hit, box-office busts, hard abs, thousand dollar shopping sprees, extravagant marriages and even bigger divorce battles. Stay up-to-date with all the latest break ups and divorces in Hollywood.  Read it:
  • Darn Divorce. Sometimes you just need to relax and have a good laugh during divorce. Although it can be hard to imagine laugh off divorce, this blog can at least help lighten your spirits with funny commentary and stories about divorce. It’s a place to vent – or read venting about divorce from others. Read about handling the holidays, children and divorce, divorce basics, divorce for men and more.  Read it:
  • PreDivorce Strategy Made Simple. A divorce mother of three girls, Kassandra is a “recovering glass-half empty person” who believes we have the power to create the life we want. Her blog is full of tips for planning your future when considering divorce, from children to finances to literature to read. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @PreDivorcePower

Single Parenting & Raising a Blended Family

  • Single Mom Survives. Find out how a strong woman survives divorce and being a single mom with coffee and sarcasm. This newly started blog talks about a single mom’s take on her divorce drama. If you are looking for a good read with some spunk, check out Single Mom Survives. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @SnglMomSurvives
  • One Father Coping with Divorce and Still Loving & Missing his Family. This touching blog features posts from a father talking through the emotions that are usually difficult for men to discuss. His blog posts are very honest, holding nothing back, and mixes in a little of who he is as a person with posts about news, music, videos and more. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @guitarkeaven
  • Single Mom Seeking. Find a friend through this very personal blog. Laugh and learn about single parenting with very humorous stories from this Single Mom’s personal stories. Jump into a discussion about parenting, family, love or dating, and find a community of women experiencing similar events. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @SingleMomSeekin
  • Woulda Coulda Shoulda. The stories in this blog read much like a TV sitcom, bringing loads of laughs for the readers. While sharing her trials and love for her children as a single parent, and now as a remarried woman, the blogger offers great parenting tips and lessons about her experiences. Read it:
  • In my Pink Heels. Sang is an extremely active single mother whose list of activities is longer than a child’s Christmas wish list. She looks to be the voice of single mothers in her blog. Get motivated about taking on all the challenges in your life, while learning and growing with this spunky blogger. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @InMyPinkHeels
  • Stepcoupling Blog. An extension of the book, this is an informative blog that focuses on stepparents and raising children in a blended family setting. Topics include dealing with your ex, developing and growing a blended family, improving your parent/stepparent relationship and building relationships with children and stepchildren. Read it:
  • Parental Rights. This blog is dedicated to Parental Rights and equal parenting rights. It’s more focused on radical concerns than entertainment, dealing with legal issues surrounding parental rights. Read about parental alienation, parental alienation syndrome, children and domestic violence, fathers’ rights and more from this family rights activist. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @markgodbey
  • Stepparent Sanctuary. This blog offers advice and stories from a remarried woman with four kids. Her blog features posts about adjusting, co-parenting and discipline. Learn about working on a marriage and blended family all at once. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @TwitterMoms
  • Healthy Happy Hip Parenting. Owned by a certified parent educator, the focus is on co-parenting relationships and single parenting. Get fresh advice and find valuable resources at this parent hang out, as well as read some entertaining stories and discover a community of support. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @hip_m0m
  • Solo Mother. Being a single mom is hard work, so here’s a great forum where you can connect with other single mothers. Get information and resources for parenting, while reading and sharing with one another anecdotal stories and tips about fitness, debt, cooking, home repair and more.
    Read it:  Follow on Twitter: @solomother
  • WeParent. Get insight on the good and the bad of co-parenting, especially for the African-American family. WeParents is a co-parenting lifestyle site with featuring posts from mothers and fathers about their parenting experiences. MamaSpeak is a place for women to share what’s on their minds, and Fatherhood Freestyle allows dads to share insights on parenting. Read it: Follow on Twitter:
  • Family Affairs. Sometimes finding a community to share the trials and tribulations you face as a single parent can help you keep your sanity. Family Affairs is about one divorced mother’s crazy life with three children, including the struggles with teenagers. Enjoy a good laugh while reading about situations that other busy single parents can relate. Read it:
  • Dad’s House. Dad’s House is one dad’s experiences with dating, parenting and being single. David tells stories and offers insight into the life as a single dad in the dating scene made up of “relationships formed in an age of online dating, text messaging, hookups and booty calls.” He also has a section dedicated to some delicious recipes. Read it:
  • Coming Clean. Melinda writes a parenting blog from the perspective of a “recovering perfectionist” mom. Each blog posts ends with a special lesson learned during the midst of her parenting rants. Join her week challenges, share cute quotes from your kids and enjoy posts from this top mom blogger. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @MelindaMeans
  • Coachdad. See how this single dad of four girls survives. If you are a dad looking for advice or a single parent looking for a good read, check out Coachdad. Enjoy life lessons and sweet stories from this blogger. Read it:
  • Hot Dads. A group of guys share their thoughts on life as a dad. The blog accepts questions from female bloggers about sex, relationships, parenting, life, etc… Women can get a guy’s perspective on relationships and guys can relate to being a dad. Read it:
  • The Men’s Place. Get great relationship advice from James, a divorced father living in a blended family with his new significant other and her children. The Men’s Place discusses working with your ex, saving your marriage, surviving separation, understanding women, communication and parenting. Read it:

Children and Divorce

  • For the Grown up Child of Divorce. Carolyn was a child of divorce at the age of three. Her blog explores how marriage, motherhood, family and the household have been affected by her parents’ divorce. This blog offers great insights about how divorce can continue to affect grown-up children of divorce and creates a community of support. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @carolyngrona
  • Generation Ex. This blog is an extension of the book “Generation Ex,” which is about adult children of divorce. The author has dedicated herself to learning about how children of divorce can change patterns of the past so their parents’ divorce doesn’t affect their future. Read it:
  • The Child Support Blog. Looking for information about child support? Read about child support from A to Z; the Child Support Blog offers tips on paying child support and ways to stay financially stable while still happily raising a kid. Read it:
  • Child Custody Fathers Guide. Get answers to questions about all sorts of different child custody situations and scenarios. The Child Custody Fathers Guide blog offers legal information and FAQs about child custody and the law. Read it:
  • Postcards from Splitsville. Get some great insight on how divorce is affecting children. Postcards from Splitsville showcases a collection of drawings from children expressing their thought and feelings about divorce. Find out how kids of all different ages view their parents’ divorce. Read it:
  • Child-Centered Divorce. Looking for advice on handling a divorce with children? Child-Centered Divorce offers information on how to talk to kids about divorce, what divorce means to children, child custody and more. Learn about the emotional and psychological effects of divorce on children from this thoughtful blog. Read it:
  • Your Child Your Divorce. Help your children through divorce with tips and resources featured on Your Child Your Divorce. The site offers information on how to help kids handle divorce. Check out posts about child custody, visitation, divorce news and parents seeking advice. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @ycyd
  • CoParenting101. Even though their relationship ended, this blogging couples was able to maintain a working co-parenting relationship for their two daughters. CoParenting101 uses first-hand experiences to educate, inspire and encourage co-parenting relationships between spouses going through divorce. Get support from this blog that shows it is possible to have a child-friendly divorce. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @coparenting101

Life After Divorce

  • Adventures in Delicious Dating After 40. This single gal, who describes herself as not “match the description 90% of men’s profiles say they want,” has jumped back into the dating scene after her husband of 20 years left her days before her 48th birthday. Offering hilarious stories and advice from lessons learned, the blog is bound to get anyone excited and hopeful about dating again. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @DatingGoddess
  • I am Divorced, Not Dead. Delaine’s life felt ripped apart after infidelity and divorce, but now she is exploring life in her terms. Read about life after divorce in honest and down-to-earth posts that include a little sass and a very personal touch. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @DelaineM
  • Life After Divorce: New Horizons. Divorce can affect your entire life – even aspects you didn’t think it would. Read perspectives about life after divorce and how it may affect you from stories shared by people who have experienced divorce. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @annieoneill
  • Since My Divorce. Facing singlehood after a long marriage can be intimidating for many, including the blogger of Since my Divorce. She started a journal about her journey through life after divorce, which evolved into a blog featuring a collections of stories from women discusses their significant accomplishments since divorce. This motivational blog can help you realize there is happiness after divorce. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @Sincemydivorce
  • Loves a Game. When Eddie went through his painful breakup after a nine-year relationship, he felt like his world was shattered, but eventually he healed and learned about developing a healthy relationship. Loves a Game is a blog for men and women looking for support while getting over a break up. Read it:
  • What’s Love got to do With It? Convinced you won’t ever find Mr. Right? You divorce may be leaving you even more skeptical about finding love than before. Check out this blog for women about finding the right man. Posts offer anecdotes, information and advice for modern women seeking “Mr. Right.” Read it:
  • First Steps/Second Time. Looking for a good laugh? Check out First Steps/Second Time to read about the lighter side of divorce. Read tips and humorous stories about jumping back into the dating world again and handling single life after divorce. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @1stSteps2ndTime
  • Relationship Advice and Marriage Counseling. This Blog offers advice on relationships in dating, marriage and divorce. Laugh off relationship frustrations by reading the comics about relationship. The site offers readers the chance to learn more about the good and bad from the relationship literature world. Read it:

Divorce and Finances

  • Fair Share Divorce. This blog is an extension of the book “Fair Share Divorce for Women,” written by Kathleen Miller, a divorcee and financial expert. For advice about establishing financial security after divorce, handling divorce during a recession and smart investing while married, check out Fair Share Divorce. Read it:
  • The Financial Divorce Blog. Two divorcees, who remarried each other, offer tips and information on what they have learned about divorce and finances in their previous marriages and divorces. If your head is already spinning from thinking about finances, this is a great blog to learn how alimony, taxes, property division and more could affect you and your divorce. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @divorcefaq
  • Cheap Living. This blog isn’t specific to family issues or divorce, but it offers some great insights on saving money on fuel, food, tickets, travel, shopping and more. The blogger supports nine people in two households on $3,000 a month. He’s just a regular guy with some great “tricks, tips and secrets to cheap living.” Read it:

Divorce Networking Sites

  • Divorce 360 Blog. This is a collection of blogs that serves as a community and forum for people seeking advice and information about divorce. Learn about the good and the bad from others going through the divorce process. Readers can write about all aspects of divorce and get advice from featured experts, attorneys and others going through the same thing. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @d360
  • Divorce Saloon. Divorce Saloon is a social networking site for divorcees that features a forum for blogs and a ‘personals’ section. The site offers news stories, tips and advice on dealing with divorce in all its aspects, from kids to relocating to starting life over. Read it: Follow on Twitter: @divorcesaloon
  • First Wives World. First Wives World is a social networking site for women, offering news stories, tips and advice on keeping it together through a divorce, dealing with kids, finances, continuing career success and other aspects of divorce. The blogs provide great resources for women, as well as some entertainment. Read it:

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    Residency Requirements for Obtaining a Divorce All states require the spouse filing for the divorce to be a resident of that state.

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    There are lots of great articles here. In addition look to DivorceMeMike and read up about Collaborative Divorce. This is the latest trend in Family law and is a great way to focus parties on the resolution of issues and to minimize the impact on children as much as possible.