Ellen Barkin’s Ex-Husband Ordered to Pay Millions

Actress Ellen Barkin went through a divorce in 2006, but the legal battle is still raging on. A recent article in the Chicago Tribune reports that Barkin’s ex-husband, famous business tycoon Ronald Perelman, was recently ordered to pay $3.4 million to a production company that the two created.

Perelman, whose net worth is approximately $11 billion, will end up paying a total $4.3 million, including additional interest since the legal process has taken so long.

The total that Perelman has had to give to Barkin isn’t known, but it is frequently reported to be in the tens of millions of dollars. What is known is the hefty sum that Barkin has made off selling jewelry she received throughout the marriage from Perelman.

Barkin has auctioned off the jewelry for more than $20 million, which is on top of her divorce settlement. Barkin was quoted as saying that the jewelry were “not memories I want to wear out every day.”

The production company that the two started, Applehead Pictures, was formed in 2005 with the aid of Barkin’s brother George. Barkin’s attorneys were expectedly quite pleased with the recent decision, which upheld a lower court ruling finding Perelman liable for the money.

Barkin’s brother George is known for his former position as editor-in-chief and script writer for both National Lampoon and High Times.

Perelman attempted to argue that Barkin broke their separation agreement and he was thus not responsible for the money anymore. Perelman specifically argues that Barkin has failed to take steps to obtain a “get,” which is a Jewish divorce document.

Despite the valiant efforts of Perelman’s hired divorce attorneys, Perelman does not appear to have the law behind him. The Appellate Division judge found that Perelman must pay because, “the Barkins’ alleged breaches would not operate to relieve Perelman of his independent obligations to the company.”

In general, as well as in the legal realm, the concept that “two wrongs don’t make a right,” is fairly accurate. It seems the court is rejecting Perelman’s defense to breach of contract because he is merely accusing Barkin of also breaching it.

Barkin has starred in numerous roles, starting with her first feature film in the 1982 movie “Diner.” After Barkin married Perelman, who is also the chairman for the Revlon makeup company, in 2000,  her career has been put on somewhat of a hold.

Shortly after her divorce from Perelman in 2006, she was on the screen again with a role in the widely popular “Ocean’s Thirteen,” co-starring with Brad Pitt and George Clooney.

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