Meg and Jack White End Marriage in 2000, and Band in 2011

Anyone who has followed music for the past decade is undoubtedly aware of the band The White Stripes.

And anyone who followed anything about the band is surely aware of the bizarre relationship between the two members, Jack and Meg White.

Jack and Meg White were married for several years, but got divorced in 2000 (just before the band really made a name for itself).

But the odd things about their relationship is that they continued to play in a two member band throughout the 2000’s. For many divorced people, the thought going on tour in a two person band with your recently divorced spouse would be a bizarre form of torture. But these two seemed to excel at it.

Despite their incredible ability to maintain the band when they couldn’t maintain their marriage, the band couldn’t last forever.

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the White Stripes are calling it quits after 13 years together.

The band’s websites claims that there is no artistic differences or health problems, but that the split was “to preserve what is beautiful and special about the band and have it stay that way.”

The statements from the band make it sound like the White Stripes are trying to do what so many find difficult, going out on top.

While this wasn’t an immediately anticipated move, many who have followed the band have felt this day would come sooner than later.

The Tribune article citing a number of factors that may have caused the Stripes to drift apart, noting, “nothing the duo did in the last few years suggested there was much of a future for the White Stripes.  Meg White’s health issues had prompted the group to curtail… its final tour in 2007, and Jack White had occupied himself with other groups… and other projects… that strongly indicated the White Stripes were no longer a priority.”

Now that the group is over, it seems appropriate to appreciate them not just for their music, but also their model of cooperation. There were undoubtedly challenges to their relationship as band members and divorcees, but they managed to overcome them.

They were able to release six acclaimed studio albums and many well reviewed live shows for over a decade.

Some relationships shouldn’t be salvaged after a divorce happens.  But some marriage fail because the two don’t work as a married couple. And the ability to salvage a good relationship after the marriage is something that we should strive for if we find ourselves in that position.

After a divorce, few of us would probably be able to have a relationship anything like what Jack and Meg White have, but the fact that they were able to do what they have done should give us something to shoot for.

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