Strangest Divorce Contentions

As part of the divorce process, couples must state the ground for a divorce. Most couples file divorce over predictable reasons: Someone has been unfaithful; the couple has grown apart; fights over money.

Sometimes, though, divorce lawyers and judges hear the weird and wild when it comes to the grounds for divorce.

As this graphic shows, couples across the globe have filed for divorce for some bizarre reasons. To add insult to injury, the desire for divorce was sometimes revealed in awkward and insensitive ways.

Strangest Divorce Contentions

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Strangest Divorce Contentions

In 2001, a woman in China filed for divorce after her pet bird tattled of her husband’s infidelities.

A man in India wanted a divorce because his wife didn’t wear modern-enough clothes.

A Romanian woman divorced her husband of 50 years for feeding stray dogs with their limited pension.

In 2008, a Saudi woman wanted a divorce after her husband of 30 years tried to take a peek of her face under her veil while she slept.

In England, a woman divorced her husband because she caught him cheating on her in an online video game.

In 2009, a German woman divorced her husband because she said he cleaned too much.

A man in India accidentally divorced his wife in his sleep. He was sleep-talking and said ‘talaq’ three times which can be an official divorce in Muslim law.

A man divorced his wife after 10 years when he discovered that she had been lying about her age.

A woman in the UK found out her husband was divorcing her from his Facebook post.

A Delhi man filed for divorce after his wife refused to serve tea to his friend.

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5 Responses to “Strangest Divorce Contentions”

  1. kodie Says:

    divorce and you must know the laws about divorce before getting one. You can get free advice online about laws about divorce

  2. Virginia Alimony Lawyers Says:

    A divorce is traumatic for everyone involved and even for those who are not, it should be avoided at all costs unless of abuse or either you are just decided that you can nolonger live together.A divorce is like an amputation: you survive it, but there’s less of you.

  3. cary Says:

    …all of these are more honest than the catch-all, ‘irreconcilable differences’

    …and not all divorces are traumatic and leave a person with less or feeling like an amputation occurred, LOL. Plenty of people are better off and free to be happier after divorcing. Also no trauma is necessary, especially if those divorcing remain level headed, not act strictly off of emotions, and recognize that the cleaner and faster the process takes – the better off everyone will be.

  4. Dan Crawford Says:

    Have questions about divorce after a long relationship for the state of Alabama

  5. Gretta Says:

    Divorce Italian/Russian style. Wife wanting divorce in Italian courts for pain and suffering says husband would not let kids play violin, speak Russian and was anti-Semite not letting kids participate in Jewish community. When she lost custody of the children, she abducted them to Russia. In proceedings in Russia she says he prevented the children from attending Russian orthodox church!