George Lopez Divorce Finalized


They were married for 17 years and kept their lives private for the most part. But George and Ann Serrano Lopez are now officially parting ways. Their divorce was finalized just before Independence Day of this year after Ms. Lopez initiated the proceedings last fall.

The reason for their split isn’t clear. Yet there have been numerous rumors that the late night talk show host wasn’t faithful. According to tabloid reports, Mr. Lopez had hired professional escorts and engaged in various extra-marital encounters.

None of these allegations, however, are reflected in the divorce petition filed by the former-Mrs. Lopez. She simply listed irreconcilable differences as the basis for the dissolution of their marriage.

In the divorce papers, Ms. Lopez requested primary custody of their daughter, Mayan, 15, and spousal support. She also asked that her former spouse pay all legal fees.

The court documents reveal that she wants to keep any jewelry and other personal effects as well.

It appears they want to stay on amicable terms. Through the comic’s representative, they announced they will remain dedicated parents and partners in their philanthropic organization, The Lopez Foundation.

A History of Their Relationship

George Lopez met Ann Serrano in May of 1990 at a California comedy club called The Ice House. Lopez wrote in his autobiography, Why You Crying?, that there weren’t any fireworks when he first got to know Serrano. But it seems they bonded over humanitarian causes in addition to a mutual interest in getting more Latino stories on TV and in the movies.

After a period of dating, Serrano was the one who proposed marriage. In an October 2002 article published in People magazine, Serrano admitted that she had to buy her own ring.

Then on September 18, 1993, the couple wed in San Fernando, California. They spent the majority of their marriage in a four-bedroom home located just north of Los Angeles.

The couple had a daughter in 1996, who they named Mayan. She is their only child.

In 2005, Ms. Lopez saved her husband from near total kidney failure due to a genetic disorder he’d suffered with all of his life. She donated one of her own kidneys to him.

The stand-up comic turned sitcom star has spoken quite openly over the years about how much his wife has helped him grow as a human being. In his autobiography, he writes about his gratitude to Ms. Lopez for preventing him from destroying himself. According to him, she also gave him unconditional love over many difficult years.

Despite the closeness the couple apparently shared in their relationship, Ms. Lopez filed for divorce in November of 2010.

16 Responses to “George Lopez Divorce Finalized”

  1. bighead Says:

    ha fool got dumped.thats what he gets.if he was going to mess around he should of porked angie,veronica,and carmen.hope she took him to the cleaners

  2. Jennifer Says:

    That’s pretty pathetic of him 2 commit adultery, when she OBVIOUSLY saved his life w giving him a kidney. Goes to show he wasn’t raised right & is very ungrateful & very selfish after all Ms. Lopez did. I know when he came down to El Paso, my sister had V.I.P passes to party w George Lopez & he was very flirtatious w her. He’s a pathetic jerk who should’ve just croaked!

  3. Burt Says:

    you gotta be kidding, she saves his life and this is how he repays her…..SHAME!!

  4. Kim Says:

    No one ever really knows the truth behind anyones divorce unless they lived in the same house and then it could still be shaded.
    One fact remains, if he really did screw around then he is a fool. She literally gave a part of herself to save his lfe and that would not be an honorable way to repay her unselfishness. In the long run she will be better off without him! She will be rewarded he will be punished.

  5. Hedda Says:

    nobody really knows what goes on behindi closed doors. Giving up a kidney is and unconditional gift and one should not expect payment. People fall out of love all the time, yet we should always respect our marriages and get a divorce if you want to screw around.

  6. Luis Says:

    Hey Lopez, Mas Puto! I thought you were a stand up educated vato! Wow, what a disappointment you are. Look Lopez, your only as good as the last show you did….? And “member” you just got cancelled! Mas Puto! Don’t you wish your wife was there to give u a hug and say,” don’t worry George, it will be alright!” pero No, Mas Puto!!! She wasn’t good enough although she, gave up a part of her life for your Dumb ASS! Orale, they call this….BAD PINCHE CARMA!!!! Hey Lopez I love u as a comedian however, u really pissed me off as a vato! Over what???? 3 minutes of Mas Puta’s! Shame on you….any man can have two balls! But it only takes one, to be a faithful man! Mas Puto! U lost yours when, they only women who will truly loved you for who you are……is now lookin for the man you’ll never be. Good luck Lopez!

  7. Brian Burke Says:

    It’s refreshing and hopeful to see a report of a celebrity divorce in which in appears that the lawyers did not get their hooks into their clients even though it sounds like there was a high potential for acrimony.

  8. Robin Says:

    Just saw his act at the Mirage. It was great but he really took slot of cheap shots at his x.

  9. Robin Says:

    Alot of cheap shots. And he also joked about using escorts.

  10. Lupe Says:

    George, ask God to help you He if the only one that loves you abc will never leave you no matter how ungrateful we.are we all make mistakes, but only one can forgive.His name is JESUS.

  11. John Says:

    OMG, Eric Estrada knew what a a piece of crap you would become and ignored your handshake when you were just a punk. He is more man than you will ever be you loser.

  12. Feline Says:

    @ Robin, I saw the show as well! He was talking straight trash about his ex! I was wondering if this is how he really felt or just comic material!

  13. ARE Says:

    So apparently some of you dont know how to read. There are RUMORS that he had affairs and wasnt being faithful. I swear once you people hear something bad about a celebrity its all they do is bad shit. I dont think for one second that George would cheat on his wife. WE DONT KNOW THE ANSWER TO WHY THEIR MARRIAGE ENDED. Whatever their reasons are it is. If she feels like he cheated then its her thoughts. People like that make mistakes celebrities arent perfect and neither are you. So keep your judgment to yourself. I believe he didnt do a thing. Maybe its just a mutual divorce. Maybe not but WE. DONT. KNOW!

  14. Epop Says:

    I know for a fact that Mr. Lopez cheated. I’m not revealing my sources either…However back to the topic at hand… Yes, I believe that the majority of men and women could agree on the fact that it was wrong for Mr. Lopez to cheat after many beautiful moments, lessons in humanity, or spiritual gifts this woman shared with her husband. I don’t think there’s anything that anybody could write or say to Mr. Lopez to make him feel or think about the immense pain he had bestowed upon his wife.
    Personally, I believe that faithfulness is something that mothers and fathers teach their sons and daughters. I believe that when young children are shown what true love is in their parents day to day lives- is when the cycle of cheating will start to come to a stand still. I also believe that women need and must come to an agreement of respecting each other. Understanding that a married or a man in a relationship is not just off limits but also undesirable. The reason why these unfaithful men are unworthy is obvious- they will never change and there is no reason big enough or excuse good enough to ever justify cheating their partners & themselves out of a commitment they made to eachother however long ago.
    It’s just my thoughts on the matter and I know good men exist and not every man or woman has the ability to commit, which is why I think it best that they save themselves and others the inevitable heart ache and not make any vows they just aren’t capable of keeping…

  15. Sharon A. Holmes Says:

    I never have liked him nor his show, but after he spoke of how his wife saved his life, I thought he really might be a “little human” how wrong I was, worthless piece of human.
    I agree we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but I don’t know to many people who divorce because they love, get along and are happy in the marriage.

  16. anna Says:

    theres always two sides to a story you cant only blame one person for a split ,wake up people its not only george lopez who is at fault and you people obviouslydont live in the same house so but out and quit blaming one person.