Six Most Expensive Athlete Divorces

Details of celebrity divorces are often plastered all over the news, but not every celebrity divorce is created equal. Some celebrity separations are so costly that they stretch the bounds of one’s imagination.

Recently, the editors at Investing Answers, Inc. created a list of the six most expensive divorces for celebrity athletes, and the list contains a few surprising residents.

The leaders, though, will not come as surprising. Topping the list of most expensive celebrity divorces are Kobe Bryant and his wife, Vanessa Bryant, who divorced late last year, despite Kobe’s efforts to keep his spouse in the form of a $4 million diamond ring.

The ring, alas, was not enough to convince Vanessa to remain in the marriage, and experts expect that she could receive upwards of $75 million in the divorce, which is partially a result of Bryant’s failure to include a prenuptial agreement in their initial marriage agreement.

Sources also indicate that Vanessa Bryant could receive alimony for the rest of her life under California’s friendly divorce laws.

Next on the list of most expensive athlete divorces are Tiger Woods and his embattled wife Elin Nordegren, who were the subject of constant media attention after a bizarre incident in which Tiger ran his SUV into a fire hydrant and his wife allegedly freed him from the car by bashing it with a golf club.

After this incident, it was revealed that the famous golfer had engaged in numerous affairs, which led Nordegren to promptly file for divorce from her philandering husband.

Some experts believe that Woods got a good deal in the divorce settlement, as he only paid Nordegren a reported $100 million, which represents a relatively small portion of his total net worth, which is estimated to be between $500 and $600 million.

Third on the list of athlete divorces is baseball player Alex Rodriguez, who divorced Cynthia Scurtis after he was photographed with an exotic dancer and rumored to be romantically involved with pop star Madonna.

The couple did sign a prenuptial agreement, which may have minimized Rodriguez’s losses, as he reportedly gave her tens of millions of dollars, as well as the couple’s $12 million mansion in Florida.

Next on the list is basketball star Michael Jordan, who divorced his wife Juanita Vanoy after more than two decades of marriage. The divorce reportedly cost Jordan $168 million, which, at the time, represented the largest athlete divorce settlement ever.

Rounding out the list are golfer Greg Norman and cyclist Lance Armstrong, whose divorces cost them roughly $103 million and $14 million, respectively.

The lesson here, as always, is that if you are going to marry a wildly successful athlete, you would be well advised to sign a prenuptial agreement at the beginning of the union, to help minimize divorce costs down the road.

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