Tennessee Man Allegedly Sets Home on Fire After Wife Asks for Divorce

Most divorces occur with no harm to life or limb, but every once in a while, disturbed people engage in bizarre acts when the topic of divorce is broached.

Such an incident recently occurred in Tennessee, where a man allegedly set his own house on fire after his wife asked for a divorce, according to a bizarre report from The Tennessean.

Sources say that police have arrested 36-year-old Chad Joseph Kirby for allegedly committing arson by dousing his house in gasoline and lighting the property on fire. Earlier this week, Kirby was been booked into Montgomery County Jail.

The Tennessean story indicates that the incident occurred last Tuesday night, when police arrived at Kirby’s home after hearing reports of a man who had barricaded himself inside his home with gasoline.

According to a news release issued by the Clarksville Police, local officers did not find anyone when they arrived on the scene, but they did discover widespread smoke and property damage inside the house.

Apparently, police claim that Kirby poured a fire accelerant in several rooms of the house and ignited the home after his wife moved out and asked for a divorce.

In addition to settling the house ablaze, Kirby also destroyed several pieces of property inside the home, and did damage to the structure of the home itself. Sources estimate that Kirby did $40,000 worth of damage to the family home.

Later that night, police found Kirby at a nearby residence, and sources say that Kirby was “highly intoxicated and had passed out” when police finally discovered him.

While incidents where a jilted spouse sets the family home on fire are very rare, divorces sometimes involve domestic violence, even violence that reaches a very dangerous scale.

As a result of the threat of domestic violence, some spouses are reluctant to seek a divorce for fear of how the abusive spouse might retaliate.

If you are in an abusive relationship, however, you are not alone. Local police officers are often valuable resources in the fight against an abusive spouse, as are local judges.

If the situation warrants it, judges often issue restraining orders against an abusive partner, which are then enforced by the police. This gives the abused spouse some breathing room to file for divorce and seek a safer living environment.

If you have questions about seeking a divorce after being the victim of domestic violence, a local divorce attorney could offer further information about the separation process.

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