David Arquette Officially Files for Divorce From Courteney Cox

While the celebrity couple has been separated for several months, David Arquette and Courteney Cox have officially started their divorce process, according to a report from the tireless journalists at TMZ.com.

This week, sources say that actor David Arquette finally filed for divorce from his slightly more famous spouse, Courteney Cox, who gained national fame in the 1990s for her work on the popular sitcom, “Friends.”

In his divorce filing, Arquette claimed that he and his wife were unable to overcome their “irreconcilable differences.” Interestingly, Arquette flew to Israel right after filing for divorce and was reportedly held his own Bar Mitzvah.

The filing occurred back in March, but celebrity journalists just now learned that it had been done. It’s fairly remarkable, frankly, that Arquette was able to keep his divorce filing secret for this long.

In the divorce papers, Arquette asked the court for joint legal and physical custody of the couple’s 8-year-old daughter, Coco. He did not ask for child support, nor did he ask for spousal support from his wife, although the papers do not discuss how their property will be divided.

Sources say the documents claim that Arquette will be representing himself during the negotiations, but it wouldn’t be surprising if he eventually hires a divorce attorney, especially given the large amount of wealth that will likely be involved in the case.

The couple announced their intentions to separate back in October 2010, although at the time of the announcement, they still claimed to be “best friends” and told reporters they remained committed to raising their daughter together.

Back in 2010, Cox and Arquette released a joint statement saying, “the reason for this separation is to better understand ourselves and the qualities we need in a partner and for our marriage.” Apparently, the separation proved that they were better suited seeking other partners.

The celebrity couple married in the summer of 1999 after meeting while filming the horror satire “Scream” in 1995. Since then, both have starred in a series of successful movies and television shows.

Sources say that, in a recent radio appearance, Arquette claimed that he wanted to give the relationship another try, but Cox insisted that the couple would be better off if they remained apart. It seems that, in the end, Cox won the debate.

And if the couple decides to conduct its divorce negotiations behind closed doors, and outside of court, the public may mercifully know very little about their final agreement.

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