Baby Boomers “Boom” Out Of Marriage

Within the United States, divorce has become a common occurrence. Should you or someone you know consider filing for a divorce, it would be wise to consult with an attorney who practices divorce.

Baby Boomers Are Booming Into Divorce

Divorce is becoming more and more of a common occurrence in the US. While some Americans may have been affected more than others, the baby boomer generation has seen a great deal of divorce.

In this info graphic, you’ll see how older Americans are getting divorced more often than the previous generations and why this is the case.

Prevalence In America

  • Back in 1990, only 1 in 10 people 50 years of age or older got divorced.
  • By 2009, that number was 1 in 4.

Who Are They? [2]

Age When Divorced

40-44 45-49 50-54 55-59 60+
43% 30% 15% 7% 4%

*Based upon data from 2004

  • That means that 73% of baby boomers divorced in their 40’s, 22% divorced in their 50’s, and only 4% divorced at age 60 or older.
  • Of those women aged 45-63, 58% are divorced. [3]

Who wanted the divorce?

I asked for the divorce. My spouse asked for the divorce. Both of us wanted the divorce.
54%% 30% 15%

Who asks more, men or women?

  • 66% of women reported they asked for the divorce.
  • 41% of men reported they asked the divorce.

Unmarried Individuals Through the Decades [3]

Baby boomers who weren’t married were more vulnerable financially, socially, and health-wise than those who had a spouse.

  • However, divorced boomers were healthier and wealthier than those who had never been married or were widowed.
  • Unmarried individuals are more likely to rely on public assistance.
  • Unmarried individuals are also less likely to have health insurance than those who are married.
  • Around 20% of baby boomer that are unmarried are considered poor as opposed to just 4% of married boomers. [3]

The Generation Gap

Baby boomers who manage to stay married throughout the decades are becoming more and more of a rare occurrence.

Their parents’ divorces could perhaps explain why the percentage of single Millennials is so high in comparison to the generations before.

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