January – The Divorce Month

The number of divorce filings spikes in January for a number of reasons. Is January really the best time to file for a divorce?

January divorce month

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Reasons Why People File for Divorce in January

  • Many couples want to wait until after the holidays.
  • This is more common when children are involved.
  • Some couples may want to start the New Year “fresh”.

Advantages to Divorcing in January

  • January marks the start of a new tax year.
  • Financially, this makes the following tax year easier.
  • Divorce removes your legal liability for your spouse’s debt, while separation does not.
  • When parents are happier, the kids will be, too.

Disadvantages to Divorcing in January

  • Marital status as of December 31 affects how taxes are filed.
  • Some couples may put off divorce because they cannot afford it.
  • Divorce can negatively affect health.
  • Divorce may increase a boy’s stroke risk later in life.
  • Studies show divorced adults have a higher risk of early death than those who are married.

Divorce Day, a.k.a “D-Day”

  • Some lawyers have attempted to isolate a single day in January when the most divorces are filed.
  • Though not exact, the most popular day to file for divorce is the first Monday after children go back to school from holiday break.

This infographic was provided by Total Divorce.

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