Actor Brendan Fraser Asks Judge to Reduce his Alimony Payments


Actor Brendan Fraser is looking to reduce the alimony payments he is legally obligated to pay to his wife, according to a report this week from the New York Post.

Sources say the actor, who is perhaps most famous for his role in “The Mummy” is also looking to reduce his child support payments due to sudden change in income.

According to reports, Fraser and his former wife, Afton Smith, filed for divorce in 2009, after a lengthy marriage that saw the birth of the couple’s three children, Griffin, 10, Holden, 8, and Leland, 6.

In recent testimony in front of a family law court, Fraser claimed that he is no longer able to afford his child support and alimony payments, which reportedly amount to roughly $900,000.

A decade ago, Fraser was one of the brightest young stars in Hollywood, but he has struggled to find lucrative work in recent years.

So his dip in income seems to make some sense, although sources note that the 44-year-old’s former wife claims he is hiding his assets, despite Fraser’s claims that this allegation is untrue.

Fraser also argues that several “medical issues” have prevented him from working as often as he once did, which has limited his ability to work as much as he did before the medical trouble started.

Whether Fraser’s medical problems are genuine will be a key issue to be determined by the judge who is tasked with mediating the dispute between Fraser and Smith.

In order for a court to adjust a child support or alimony payment agreement, the paying party must show a substantial change in his or her financial circumstances. In addition, this change cannot be attributable to a voluntary reduction in work.

So if the judge determines that Fraser is legitimately unable to work as much as he once did, and this involuntary reduction in work has substantially changed his income, then Fraser may be able to reduce his alimony and child support payments.

Unfortunately for Fraser, the actor is facing another legal battle, as well. Sources say movie producer Todd Moyer filed a lawsuit last year against Fraser for alleged physical attacks that occurred in 2011 and 2012.

The producer’s lawsuit was filed shortly after Fraser sued Todd for delaying the production of “The Legend of William Tell,” a film that is supposed to star Fraser but has been delayed for several years, according to sources.

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