Actors Josh Brolin and Diane Lane Reportedly File for Divorce


After months of rumors that their relationship was on the rocks, actors Josh Brolin and Diane Lane are officially filing for divorce, according to a report this week from Huffington Post.

Sources say Brolin and Lane have been married for more than eight years, but that their marriage has been strained in recent months.

In an added bit of poignancy, the decision to file for divorce was apparently made on Valentine’s Day, according to sources.

Lane reportedly filed her documents in Los Angeles Superior Court after noting that the couple separated on February 13, although sources suggest that the couple has been living apart for much longer than that.

According to one person close to the couple, Brolin and Lane have been separated for “several months,” and that the relationship “just ran its course.” The source also said that contacting a divorce lawyer was a “hard decision for both of them to make.

The divorce brings an end to a relatively lengthy Hollywood marriage. Sources say Brolin and Lane, who were originally introduced to each other in 2002 by Brolin’s stepmother, Barbara Streisand, were married in 2004 at a ranch in central California owned by Brolin.

Brolin, 45, told sources in 2003 that the couple was very similar because neither party saw celebrity as a “necessity” and that, when they were together, everything was “easy.”

And in 2005, Lane told a magazine that she enjoyed “having a strong man with me who makes me feel embraced and secure.” She went on to describe her second marriage as “wonderful” and said “Josh completes me because I’m so attracted to his otherness.”

But tensions between Brolin and Lane, 48, soon begin to elevate. Sources suggest that Brolin’s erratic behavior soon created a rift between the couple.

Sources note, for example, that Brolin was arrested for public intoxication two months ago on New Year’s Eve, but he was eventually released without any criminal consequences.

But the day after his arrest, celebrity watchdogs spotted Brolin strolling around Venice, California, without his wedding ring.

This week, he and Lane made it official that they are getting divorce, but if their divorce is similar to those of other celebrities, it’s likely that the details of their split will remain hidden from public view.

In order to keep the financial details of their divorce quiet, though, the couple will have to agree to the terms of their divorce behind closed doors. If the case proceeds to a trial, the details of the settlement will become a matter of public record.

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