The World’s Strangest Marriages

Think traditional marriage has brought on some interesting partnerships? People have married themselves, inanimate objects, and even pets.

The legal aspects of these unusual marriages contain many unknowns, like what happens when you and your cat want to file for divorce? In this infographic, we’ll look at some of the strangest marriages in our recent history.

marriages that are odd

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Man Marries Himself

  • Chinese man named Liu Ye married a cardboard cutout of himself in 2007.
  • The wedding honored all Chinese traditions.
  • The cardboard cutout wore the traditional red wedding dress of a Chinese bride.

Woman Marries Herself

  • Artist Jennifer Hoes married herself to celebrate her 30th birthday.
  • The wedding was to help her embrace her own life.

Woman Marries the Eiffel Tower

  • A woman named Erika married the Eiffel Tower in 2008.
  • She changed her surname to “La Tour Eiffel.”
  • She suffers from Objectum-Sexuality: an emotional and often romantic attraction to inanimate objects.

Woman Marries the Berlin Wall

  • A woman named Eija-Riitta married the Berlin Wall in 1979.
  • She changed her surname to Berliner-Mauer (translates to “Berlin Wall” in German).
  • She suffers from Objectum-Sexuality.
  • She was distraught when the wall was torn down.
  • Now keeps replica models in her home.
  • Says the Great Wall of China is not as “sexy” as her husband.

Woman Marries Fairground Ride

  • A woman named Amy Wolfe married a fairground ride in 2008.
  • She suffers from Objectum-Sexuality.
  • Claims to have had sexual and mental attraction to the ride since she first saw it when she was 13.

Man Marries Game Character

  • A Japanese man who calls himself “Sal9000” married a video game character in 2009.
  • He married Nene Anegasaki from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus.
  • The wedding was broadcast on Nico Nico Douga, a Japanese video sharing website.

Man Marries His Cat

  • German postman Uwe Mitzscherlich married his cat in 2006.
  • He decided to marry her after learning she was sick and would die soon.
  • Held a formal wedding.
  • He wore a tux.
  • She wore a special bride’s gown.

Woman Marries a Dolphin

  • Sharon Tendler married her dolphin friend Cindy in 2006.
  • The ceremony takes place in Israel.
  • She becomes the first one to marry a dolphin.
  • She knew Cindy for 15 years before marrying him.
  • She used to think she might marry a human.
  • She has since decided that she will stay married to her dolphin.

Man Marries a Goat

  • Sudan law says a man caught sleeping with a woman must marry her immediately.
  • A man caught having sex with a goat was required to follow the law.
  • He married the goat in 2006.
  • He had to pay the owner a dowry as a part of his public humiliation punishment.

Man Marries His Pillow

  • Korean man Lee Jin-gyu married his pillow in 2010.
  • The pillow is large and features an image of Fate Testarossa.
  • She is a character from the anime series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha.
  • The pillow was fitted with a wedding dress.
  • The ceremony was officiated by a local priest.

Man Marries His Doll

  • A man named Davecat married his love doll in 2000.
  • Featured on TLC’s My Strange Addiction.
  • Has not dated a real woman since he married the doll.
  • Says the doll has qualities “hard to find in an organic woman.”

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