British Rock Legend Ozzy Osbourne Denies Rumors of Pending Divorce


In the face of rumors that his wife has moved out of their home, Ozzy Osbourne took to Facebook this week to deny rumors that his wife, Sharon, is filing for divorce, according to a report from USA Today.

In a recent post, Osbourne admitted that he has been “drinking and taking drugs” for the “last year and a half,” which led him to a “very dark place.”

Osbourne also confessed that he hurt his family during his lengthy binge, but claimed that he has been sober for 44 days and swore that he and his wife were not planning to seek a divorce.

The former lead singer for Black Sabbath concluded his message by promising to “be a better person” an apologizing to his fans, as well as “Sharon, my family, my friends and my band mates for my insane behavior during this period.”

Osbourne’s Facebook post was somewhat conspicuous, given the recent flurry of rumors surrounding the allegedly inevitable dissolution of his marriage.

According to celebrity gossip magazines, Sharon Osbourne recently pulled up to a new home with a fleet of moving vans, while her 64-year-old husband has reportedly moved into a rented mansion.

While moving into her new home, located in posh Beverly Hills, Sharon reportedly did not wear her wedding ring, which fanned the flames of rumors that her 31-year-old marriage would soon come to an end.

Sources also note that Sharon was photographed without her wedding ring during a visit with her daughter, Kelly, in Los Angeles a few weeks ago.

In addition, sources claim that the celebrities, who together have raised five children, have been living apart for several months.

Fans of Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne know that their marriage has been anything but traditional, although glimpses of the couple’s relationship during their now-defunct reality television show revealed that they genuinely cared for each other.

Nevertheless, a marriage that has survived 31 years of sometimes outrageous behavior may soon be coming to an abrupt end.

And Sharon Osbourne has done little to quiet the recent rumors by staying out of the public spotlight. Sources have also been unable to gather an official comment from her publicists.

But if her husband’s online musings are to be believed, it may be too early for the couple to contact a local divorce attorney. Then again, both of the parties may have already secured the aid of divorce lawyer.

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