Dove Real Beauty Sketches


It is no secret that women are their own worst critics and Dove’s latest ad campaign speaks directly to that.

Regardless of who you are, or where you’re at in your life – a teenager in your formative years, a married woman, a woman going through a divorce, a divorced woman, a mother of 2, a mother of 6, a widow or a grandmother – it doesn’t matter.

Dove wants you to know that you are beautiful, more beautiful than you give yourself credit for. So, how did they do this?

Dove hired criminal sketch artist, Gil Zamora, to sketch 7 women, one at a time.

Zamora does not see the women as he sketches them. With a curtain separating him from the particular woman he is working with, Zamora essentially interviews each woman about their facial features. He sketches based on the descriptions they provide him.

Elsewhere the women chat with strangers who later sit with the sketch artist, the same way the women previously did, and they have similar, interview style discussions in which Zamora asks them about the stranger’s appearance and features, as he sketches.

After both sketches are completed, they are hung side by side and the woman is invited back to view them.

The difference between how the women view themselves in comparison to how they are viewed by strangers is clearly evident and often elicits an emotional reaction.

See the ad video on YouTube – Dove Real Beauty Sketches.

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