Actress Jane Levy Reportedly Files for Divorce From Secret Husband


Actress Jane Levy surprised celebrity gossip magazines this week when she filed for divorce from a husband many sources didn’t know she had, according to a report from the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to sources, Levy, who currently stars as the saucy Tessa Altman on ABC’s “Suburgatory,” is seeking a divorce from actor Jaime Freitas.

Sources say the two were married in March 2011, and separated just seven months later, although they’ve waited a long time before officially filing for divorce, which is not uncommon.

Many states require couples to wait a mandatory period of time between their separation and official divorce filing. The purpose behind this seemingly strange divorce law is to promote reconciliation.

In recent years, though, several states have reduced the amount of time couples must wait before they can file for divorce, as several legislatures have deemed these waiting periods to be an unfair restriction on the right to divorce.

Of course, most celebrity marriages end after a long, public courtship and a lavish wedding. This, however, was not the case with Levy and Freitas.

Sources say they did not announce their nuptials to any news outlet, nor have they appeared in many photographs together. A few years ago, they did appear in a music video for “I Know,” a song written by noted film director David Lynch.

According to sources, the music video shows the couple engaged in a “bizarre” courtship ritual in a cabin by a lake.

And while the quiet spouses are going their separate ways, sources note they remain friendly. Levy, however, stated in court documents that the marriage broke down due to irreconcilable differences. She is also looking to avoid paying spousal support, sources say.

Levy has had a more successful career on screen in recent years, after launching her stardom a few years ago by playing Mandy Milkovich in “Shameless,” a popular drama on Showtime.

In 2011, Levy rose to further stardom by landing the role of Tessa Altman in “Suburgatory,” and this year, the 23-year-old actress starred in the remake of “Evil Dead,” an incredibly gory film that has already achieved box office success.

Freitas, sources say, has a much lower profile. Reports indicate that he has starred in several small foreign films, and also the 2013 American film, “Chlorine,” which also featured Kyra Sedgwick, who is married to Kevin Bacon, in case anyone was playing that game.

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