Former Contestants on Weight Loss Reality Show File for Divorce


Sam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson, both former contestants on “Biggest Loser,” are getting a divorce after Poueu allegedly confessed to multiple affairs, according to a report from the Huffington Post.

Sources say the couple met in 2010 while filming an episode of “Biggest Loser” during the hit reality weight loss show’s ninth season. The couple reportedly met on a ranch in Calabas, California.

They quickly grew close, and were married in May 2012. Sources also report that the 33-year-old wife is two months away from giving birth to their first child, who is expected to arrive in July.

According to Anderson, she and her husband visited a marriage counselor before calling a divorce attorney, but the counseling sessions led to a shocking revelation.

Anderson says that the marriage was “getting dire,” and her 28-year-old husband eventually confessed at one of their counseling sessions that he had engaged in affairs with multiple women, according to sources.

This claim, however, was peddled to People Magazine by an unnamed “source,” so the rumors of the husband’s infidelity remain unsubstantiated.

Nevertheless, Anderson decided shortly after the counseling sessions to file for divorce, and said in a statement that the “circumstances and specifics of our marriage and our separation are extremely difficult and private.”

During a recent interview, Anderson also noted that the decision to end her marriage gave her “great sadness,” and she also thanked the media for “respecting our privacy during this difficult time.”

Of course, the media loves nothing more than a celebrity divorce story, so Anderson and Poueu will likely be given plenty of opportunities to explain their sides of the story.

Despite the traumatic breakdown of their marriage, the couple still appears to be excited about the arrival of their son, and Poueu seems to be saying the right things about the family’s complicated situation.

Recently, Poueu told sources that his focus “is on Stephanie’s continued health through her pregnancy and the delivery of our son.”

The husband also said that he and Anderson “are excited to be blessed as his parents and are focusing all of our energy and attention on doing what is best” for their son, who remains “the most important person right now to both of us.”

Poueu’s mature attitude towards his wife’s pregnancy certainly bodes well for the couple’s pending divorce negotiations, during which they will have to determine who will have primary custody of their unborn child.

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