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Parenting Plans


During a divorce, parents may try to work out a child custody agreement. Although this may not be the legal term your divorce lawyer uses, it's a commonly used term many people refer to when discussing child custody arrangements.

Parenting plans or agreements allow the parents to work out a system that's beneficial for everyone, but these agreements must be approved by the divorce court. The plan can outline a child custody and child visitation schedule that the parents believe to be in the best interest of the child.

There are many ways to negotiate child custody.  Parenting agreements may be worked out between the parents directly or through divorce lawyers, custody counseling or divorce mediation. When negotiating an agreement, parents should consider family, work, school and vacation schedules, along with other needs and preferences. Parenting plans may include how important decisions in the child's life will be made.

Submitting a Parenting Plan for Court Approval

After parents agree to a parenting plan, it's written and signed by both parents. The parenting agreement is submitted to the divorce court, where it will be reviewed. If the court finds the parenting plan to be reasonable and in the best interest of the child, it will be accepted and made a court order.

Speak with a Local Divorce Attorney about Parenting Plans

Parents are urged to come to a reasonable agreement that benefits the child and works for everyone. A divorce attorney near you can help your protect your relationship with your child during negotiations. If coming to an agreement with your spouse isn't possible, a divorce lawyer can represent your side in court.

Find a divorce lawyer near you to work on a parenting plan. Call at 877-349-1310 or fill out a divorce case review form to set up a preliminary consultation today. If your child custody case doesn't stem from a divorce, Total Divorce can still help you find a local lawyer who is familiar with your state's family laws.

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The above synopsis of parenting plans is by no means all-inclusive and is not intended to provide legal advice. These laws may have changed since our last update and there may additional laws that apply in your situation. For the latest information on divorce laws, please contact a local divorce lawyer in your area.