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Child Custody Basics

Different circumstances may impact the child custody arrangement in your divorce proceedings. The divorce courts will take many factors into consideration when determining child custody. Within this section, you can learn about important issues that factor into child custody.

Several factors go into play when deciding child custody. These include local laws, the ability of each parent to take care of the child, and what the court determines to be in the best interest of the child.

Learn about Child Custody From a Divorce Attorney

Although agreeing on an arrangement might not come as easily as you would hope, a local divorce lawyer can help to provide you with information to better understand child custody guidelines and protect your relationship with your child.

Fill out a divorce case review form or call 877-349-1310 to connect with a local divorce lawyer today. If your child custody case doesn't involve a divorce, we may still be able to connect you with an attorney in your area who practices family law.

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