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What do Family Law Attorneys Do?


If you are going through, or have ever gone through a divorce, then you most likely engaged with a family law attorney. Many people’s experience with family law is limited to either divorce or child custody, but family law is a much broader field of practice than many people think.

Generally, many of the main areas of practice within family law relate to divorce and child custody, but that isn’t the entire scope of the field. The areas that are covered by family law make sense once you hear them, but might not spring to mind on their own.

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Some of the issues which are included in family law are:

  • Divorce and Child Support/Custody: Perhaps the two most obvious issues for family law attorneys.
  • Spousal Support: This issue involves how much money, if any, one spouse is ordered to pay the other after a divorce. It often takes into account the life style the spouses lived together, and attempts to keep some stability for each party in a divorce.
  • Division of Assets and Liabilities Due to Divorce: This often comes up as a sub-issue within divorce. Many of the issues family law attorneys deal with are part of one of the two broad issues, divorce and child support/ custody.
  • Adoption: For most people who have not gone through adoption, this issue probably wouldn’t jump in their mind when they think of family law attorneys. Due to the complicated nature of adoption, having a family attorney guide people through the process is often recommended.
  • Termination of Parental Rights: This can cover issues like putting a child up for adoption or giving a child away to a specific family or relative, or a child's emancipation.
  • Paternity: Paternity lawsuits are fairly common, and if paternity is established, then often times the next issue for the attorney will be child custody, or at the least child support litigation.
  • Child Abuse: If you get charged by the state for child abuse, you can have a family law attorney represent you.
  • Protection from Abuse: If you are in an abusive relationship with your significant other, in addition to seeking help from authorities, you can seek the help and advice family law attorney.

Family law is often unfairly characterized as just divorces and child support cases. It really is a diverse field which covers a substantial and occasionally surprising field of law.

If you have issues that require assistance by a family law attorney, you can get in touch with one today. Simply fill out the case review form below to get started.

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