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Spousal Support Law


Spousal support, or alimony, is one of the more contentious areas of divorce law. Many people are aware of the term, and most probably have a general understanding of what it means. But spousal support laws are often more complicated than most people think.

If you are going through a divorce or considering divorce and are concerned about spousal support, a local attorney might be able to help. To talk to a divorce attorney in your area, just fill out the short form below.

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Generally, spousal support is supported ordered by a family court judge which requires one spouse to make monthly alimony or spousal support payments to the other. The amount and duration of the payments vary and are determined either by agreement of the parties or by a decision from the judge.

As with all marital and divorce laws, each state is responsible for creating and interpreting its own laws. Therefore, the specifics as to when spousal support may be ordered and in what amount differ from state to state.  A local divorce attorney can help with the specifics.

Spousal support may be temporary, may be adjustable based on the relative financial positions of the parties, or may automatically terminate on a predetermined date or upon the occurrence of some event, such as the receiving spouse's attaining a certain earning capacity or remarrying.

Because each state law for divorce is unique, triggering events and the possible duration of spousal support payments vary. The only way to be certain is to find out what the laws are in your state.

If you are going through or considering a divorce and concerned about spousal support laws, your first course of action may be to connect with a local attorney. Take action today - fill out the divorce case review form on this page to arrange your initial consultation with a divorce lawyer.

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