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Student Loans In Divorce


Student loan debt is a reality for many college and graduate-school educated people in this country. But what happens one spouse in a marriage has tens of thousands of dollars in student loans and the couple is getting divorced? Does the other spouse have to split the debt?

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Debt Division in Divorce

The treatment of student loans in divorce may vary based on a number of factors, including the divorce laws of the state in question, whether the debts were incurred prior to or during the marriage and who has been making payments on the loans.

In some jurisdictions, student loans are held to be the sole responsibility of the borrower, since the education or degree attained stays with that person.  Other courts have looked at the issue differently and determined that higher education in some cases has benefited the couple and not just the student.  In jurisdictions where student loans may be considered marital debt, the length of the marriage after the degree was attained and the benefit received by the other spouse are typically important factors in determining liability for the student loan debt.

Generally, the goal is to ensure that one spouse does not end up paying for something that will solely benefit the other spouse after divorce.

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