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Computer Game to Help Kids Cope with Parents' Divorce


Dealing with divorce can be especially difficult for younger children, and a Jerusalem company has combined this reality with the youthful appetite for video games to better help kids cope with the divorce process and life thereafter.

Zipland Interactive has created a unique computer game which aims to help children of divorced parents cope with this major change in their lives. In addition to offering a very creative story line, Earthquake in Zipland combines actual elements from various professional fields to help children adjust to life after divorce.

According to its creators, Earthquake in Zipland is the first research-based game to confront the feelings and problems that children may encounter following divorce, including a fantasy to reunite their parents. In fact, the storyline of this divorce video game is creatively crafted around this common fantasy within younger kids: that they can bring their parents back together.

What Is The Storyline Behind Earthquake in Zipland, & How Does It Relate to Children and Divorce?

This divorce computer game begins in the small fantasy paradise of Zipland. So what's in this name, besides having something to do with the company which made this game? Zipland is held together by a zipper, which is meant to symbolize the marriage of the paradise's King and Queen and the player's parents. When Zipland is hit by an earthquake, the King and Queen are left separated on two islands. Life after the quake comes to symbolize divorce.

With the basic storyline explained, the game's main character Moose attempts to bring the King and Queen together and everything else back to the way it was prior to the earthquake. Controlled by the game's user, Moose comes to represent those feelings which many kids may have after their parents' divorce.

The game takes players on an adventure filled with 3D scenery and a host of colorful characters as Moose tries to build a new zipper. Along the way, Moose and the game's players indirectly deal with common short and long-term effects of divorce and other usual emotional issues, including anger, guilt, split loyalties and much more.

Through his many adventures, Moose comes to realize that his fantasy of building a new zipper and reuniting the island is not possible. The game thus hopes to convey this important lesson to children in relation to their fantasies about reuniting their parents.

Earthquake in Zipland Incorporates Techniques and Insights from Various Fields

The creators of Earthquake in Zipland say this divorce computer game incorporates elements from child therapy, divorce/separation therapy, family therapy and clinical psychology. Learn more about the psychological angle of this divorce computer game right here.

Its developers champion the game as a therapeutic tool for children dealing with divorce, and even recommend that school therapists and others besides parents use the game. Parents can learn more about Earthquake in Zipland with the Parents Guide and also watch a video demo of this divorce computer game online.

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