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Televangelist Attacked by Church-Founder Husband in Hotel Parking Lot


Juanita Bynum grew up attending church with her family. She was a charismatic child and while in middle school landed an acting role in the school's production of My Fair Lady. Her performance on stage was noticed by television agents who wanted to cast her in other roles, but her mother refused to allow it.

Bynum attended high school at Saints Academy of the Church of God in Christ (COGIC) where she graduated with honors. After her graduation she began preaching at churches and revivals.

In 1980, at the age of 21, Bynum married her first husband. Three years later he left her and their divorce was finalized in 1985. She later admitted that she had married for all the wrong reasons.

After the marriage failed, Bynum ended up in an institution and battled anorexia nervosa. She had several sexual affairs and ended up on welfare just to survive.

In 1990 she managed to pull her life back together and moved to Chicago to work first as a hairdresser and then as a flight attendant with Pan Am Airlines. After the demise of Pan Am she moved to New York, returned to the church and began preaching again.

She met T.D. Jakes in 1996, and with his help her popularity as a keynote speaker exploded and she developed a nationwide following of Christians eager to hear her message. She became a televangelist who preaches sermons about women's empowerment and breaking free of promiscuity. She has written books entitled "No More Sheets: The Truth About Sex" and "Matters of the Heart". She also has an album titled "A Piece of My Passion" that has been in the top 10 gospel albums as listed in Billboard magazine for several months.

Bynum married Thomas W. Weeks III, also known by followers as Bishop Weeks, in a televised ceremony in 2002. Weeks is the founder of Global Destiny Churches. Together, the couple wrote "Teach Me How To Love You: The Beginnings".

Earlier this year Bynum and Weeks separated. On August 23 the couple met in an Atlanta hotel parking lot to talk about reconciling. Apparently things did not go as planned during their talks, because at 4:00am a hotel employee says he had to pull Weeks off of Bynum while he was reportedly beating her.

After the incident, Bynum reported to police that Weeks choked her, pushed her to the ground and then kicked and stomped her. Police say that Bynum was injured in the attack and needed medical treatment. She was bruised on her neck and upper body from the assault and met with police following the incident to press charges against her estranged husband.

Police got warrants against Weeks for aggravated assault and making terrorist threats; both are felony charges.

Weeks turned himself in the following day at Fulton County jail in Atlanta and was released on $40,000 bond. He was ordered to stay away from Bynum and have no contact with her or her sister.

There have been no reports yet of Bynum filing for divorce from Weeks, but at this point a divorce petition would not be surprising.

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