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Contest Offers the Ultimate Divorce Package as First Prize


When a marriage is falling apart and divorce is inevitably on the horizon, it can be stressful. Once the decision to divorce is made, there are many issues to deal with, from the time a divorce lawyer is selected to the final court date, and there can be many complex twists and turns during the process.

After hiring a divorce lawyer, filing for divorce, laying out the issues in a divorce petition and completing legal service of the paperwork, negotiations between the husband and wife's divorce lawyers begin. In some cases the very issue of divorce is contested, meaning that one party doesn't even think that the marriage is over. In other cases, both parties very much want to divorce, however issues such as property division, child custody and spousal support must be worked out.

Given the many complicated issues that may arise during a divorce, most people take the process very seriously and save the lighthearted fun for after the final divorce decree is issued and signed by the family court judge. When it's all said and done, many people do feel a huge relief and one growing trend is to celebrate the new found freedom by throwing a divorce party. Other people take advantage of tiny coffins specifically made for wedding rings that are now marketed and bury their wedding bands as a symbolic act of letting go and gaining peace of mind and closure. There is a growing market for post-divorce party planners and product manufacturers who want to cash in on the business of divorce.

However, when a couple feels stuck in a loveless or miserable marriage, they rarely feel like partying. Divorce can be expensive and some people can find it hard to even make ends meet, let alone scrape together the cash to finance the divorce process.

With all this considered, an Australian men's magazine known for running controversial competitions has just announced a new contest with the grand prize being an all-expenses-paid divorce for two, according to a News.com.au report. Zoo Weekly magazine is asking men to write in and explain why they deserve to win a free divorce including up to $5,000 for a divorce lawyer, $639 for the divorce filing fee, a plasma television, two month's worth of maid service, a PlayStation 3 game console, a 3-tier divorce cake, a year's subscription to Zoo Weekly magazine and a divorce party with the "Zoo girls" and introductions to new women.

With this interesting prize package for the winner valued at around $10,000, the magazine is sure to get many interesting responses to the contest. Although some men may jump at the chance to win a free divorce, Zoo Weekly is being criticized by many for running the contest which they call unethical and in poor taste.

For some, a divorce contest may not be the way to go. However, for others who feel that the time is right for a divorce, the contest may just be the chance of a lifetime.

Regardless of where you stand, this story once again shows how more and more people are using divorce as a means to capitalize financially or promotionally.

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