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College Football Player's Divorce Features Different Kind of Cheating Allegation


January 16, 2008 - Now that University of South Florida senior linebacker Ben Moffit has filed for divorce, his wife Shauna has some confessions to make.

Shauna Moffit says Ben is a cheater, academically that is. She says that he does not know how to spell. She claims that she has written almost every paper that Ben Moffit was assigned to write during his five years at USF, and she has also completed two online courses for him. She claims that he has not ever completed even one of his writing assignments during his college career.

After five years of marriage, Ben left Shauna and their two children on November 11th and filed for divorce. Shauna then decided to contact the media to expose him and show off her writing skills. As proof of her claims, she reportedly e-mailed The Tampa Tribune copies of six assignments that she had written for her husband between January 17, 2007 and October 10, 2007. Shauna works as a data specialist at the Sumter County appraiser's office, and apparently used some of her time at work to complete Ben Moffit's college writing assignments so that he could earn his degree. Her employers must be so proud!

In addition to the papers that Shauna says that she wrote for her husband, her twin sister, Sheree Ellis, also claims to have completed some of Ben Moffit's college work for him. Ellis presented The Tampa Tribune with copies of three papers dated from November 6, 2005 and March 24, 2006 from her home computer that she says she wrote for Ben while he was pursuing an education degree at USF. Shauna and Sheree's mother, Stephanie Jordan, has said that she was aware that her daughters were writing Ben Moffit's college assignments for him.

Of the papers that Sheree Ellis says that she wrote for Ben, one was for his Intro to Education and Field Experience class. Ellis says that it was a requirement of the class that Moffit observe 15 hours in a classroom setting during the semester. In the paper Ellis allegedly wrote for Moffit, there is a description of his visit to the first-grade class that Ellis teaches. Ellis now says that Moffit never visited her classroom, but that she had filled out the paperwork for him indicating that he had fulfilled his requirement for his class.

Ellis says that she no longer wrote papers for Ben after he changed his major in the spring of 2006 from education to communications.

Moffit and his divorce attorneys say that the allegations that he did not complete his own assignments are hearsay, and that Shauna and her family are simply trying to harm Ben's reputation.

A spokesperson for USF has said that this is a domestic issue and that there is nothing at this point for them to consider. However, if it is determined that Moffit has committed academic fraud, the school could be investigated by the NCAA.

Shauna Moffit says that since Ben left the family and filed for divorce, he has stopped using his scholarship money to pay the mortgage on their home. She says that she went to the USF coaching offices on December 3 and spoke with graduate assistant Patrick St. Louis about her frustrations. Shauna claims that St. Louis told her that he knew she had done all of the work and that her name, and not Ben's, should be on the diploma. St. Louis has denied having this conversation with Shauna.

Shauna says that one of the reasons she has come forward about writing Ben's college papers for him is that he is being portrayed in the media as a wonderful person, husband and father, and she says that is far from the truth.

Separated and filed for divorce from Shauna, it seems that now she is concerned with the truth. However, according to her, while they were together they acted as a team to benefit the family, even if that meant disregard for rules or ethics.

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