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Bad Girl Lindsay Lohan's Parents Finally Divorce


August 24, 2007 - Finally, all is said and done in the bitter divorce battle between Lindsay Lohan's parents, or is it?

The marriage is over, and a judge has finally officially granted Dina and Michael Lohan a divorce that will become official within 90 days. Financial details of the divorce were not disclosed.

The judge who presided over the divorce case at the Nassau County Matrimonial Center in New York commended the Lohans for showing good judgment and resolving all of the issues so that the divorce could be finalized. There's a first time for everything!

As soon as all the paperwork is filed, signed and stamped at the court, the marriage between the Lohans will officially be history. A week before the final hearing, the Lohans had appeared in court but told the judge they still had some minor details to work out before they could proceed.

Apparently they worked out those issues and appeared in court on August 17th ready to settle all the issues regarding the marital settlement.

In New York as well as some other states, divorce and child custody are separate issues and handled by different courts. That means that the Lohans will be seeing each other next in Family Court to work on the custody and visitation issues regarding their children. While Lindsay Lohan and her brother Michael, 19, are legal adults, Dina and Michael Lohan have two minor children for whom they will need to work out a parenting plan.

Judge Stacy Bennett of the Family Court has previously ordered Michael Lohan to get a job and start paying $500 per week to Dina Lohan for child support of the two minor children. The judge has reportedly been rather irritated that Michael either cannot or will not disclose how he is getting by financially in life without employment.

Micheal Lohan was released from prison in March after serving time behind bars for DUI and assault charges. Mr. Lohan has been living at Teen Challenge, a Christian-based drug and alcohol rehabilitation program since his release. Reportedly, he and Dina Lohan were close to working out their issues back in 2005 before he went to prison, but things were put on hold while he paid his debt to society.

Mr. Lohan has reportedly not seen his minor children in more than three years; however, he has been granted supervised visitation. Judge Robert Ross of the Nassau County Matrimonial Center ordered that Michael Lohan may see his minor children for a visit, but only if a pastor and at least two attorneys are present to supervise. Lohan is expected to have a visit with the kids before the next court date.

The recently divorced Lohans are due back in Family Court on September 6th with Judge Bennett once again presiding. It's unclear whether or not Judge Bennett will continue Mr. Lohan's visitation arrangements with the kids. A report from the family therapist assigned to evaluate Mr. Lohan is likely to influence her decision.

After the final divorce hearing, each side weighed in with their thoughts outside the courthouse.

Dina Lohan commented, "Now, the healing process can begin for myself and my children." When asked about her troubled daughter, Lindsay, who is currently at Cirque Lodge rehab center in Park City, Utah, she said she was doing "fantastic."

Michael Lohan said, "I thank God it's finished, I wish Dina the best, and I hope we can both move forward and put our best foot forward for the kids' sake and just be good parents."

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