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McCartney vs. Mills: The Dirt from the Court Judgment


So much has been written already about Heather Mills' $48 million divorce settlement that it seems like we already know about as much as we know.

Not true! There are a lot of interesting details in the 58-page verdict that have been overlooked by the mainstream news outlets.

Here are a few little-known details from that widely available but lengthy court document which might not have yet been leaked:

  • Paul McCartney wore his wedding ring from his marriage to Linda up until the day Mills and McCartney got married. On the day they got married, Paul replaced that ring with a ring Heather gave him.
  • Paul and Heather fought over "valuable paintings" in the divorce. Picassos? Rembrandts? No. The works of art in question were made by McCartney himself. Heather got to keep only two out of 30 paintings in dispute.

She Says She's Not a Gold Digger

Though Mills heatedly and repeatedly denies being a gold digger, she certainly has extravagant needs:
  • Though McCartney famously did not have a pre-nuptial agreement with Mills, he did write her a letter before the marriage that outlined what might happen if the marriage ended. That document was used in court, and the judge did consider it when making the settlement decision.
  • The judge called Mills' case an example of "if he has it, I want it too."
  • Mills attempted to get $897,000 from one of Paul's companies to "pay off mortgages" on one of her properties after their split. Mills admitted in court that the property in question never had a mortgage on it. Mills said she was "confused." Indeed.
  • McCartney paid out millions of dollars in property and loans to Mills' family members.
  • Mills asked for the equivalent of $1 million per year to go on "holidays."
  • During their marriage, Mills was given an "allowance" of more than $700,000, payable to her quarterly. She was also given "gifts" of approximately $500,000 on several occasions.
  • Mills has a staff of seven, which McCartney will now pay for; McCartney claims to have a staff of one person, a personal assistant.

Her Claims Were Not Consistent

The judge ruled that Heather Mills was less than credible as witness in the divorce case and that her testimony was "inconsistent."

  • Mills claimed that her career tanked after marrying McCartney, yet she appeared on "The Larry King Show" six times after marrying him. Before meeting Paul? Never.
  • Mills was a hit on "Dancing with the Stars" and kept some of the money paid to her. Only a portion of the money she earned went to charity.
  • McCartney claimed in court documents that Mills had bugged his phone.
  • The Judge called Mills' initial request for a lump sum settlement of $100 million "a figure plucked from the air."

Finally, a major dispute in the divorce was the amount of money to be spent on security for Heather and the couple's daughter, Beatrice.

McCartney said in court documents that he believed "it is not healthy for a child to have security 24/7. It sets them apart from their peers and makes them an object of curiosity and, at times, ridicule. Such children live in gilded cages. I do not want this for Beatrice... She needs as normal an upbringing as possible, and surrounding her with round the clock security is not the way to achieve this."

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