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Mel Gibson, in Midst of Divorce, Surprises Bishops


Mel Gibson has always provided an interesting source of news, and his recent announcement of divorce does not so far seem to be short of its own intrigue. It has been reported that Gibson traveled to St. Louis on a private jet in order to meet with religious leaders attending the Eastern Catholic Church Bishops conference. He there reportedly appealed to them to pray for him as he suffers through this difficult time in his life.

Mel Gibson married his wife Robyn Denis Moore almost three decades ago, on June 7, 1980. The couple had seven children together in the ensuring years. Three years ago, however, the couple separated, which has since revealed itself to be the precursor of what could be a very expensive divorce. Mel Gibson’s fortune has an estimated worth in the range of $1 billion.

Reasons for the divorce have seemingly come to light recently as Gibson has reportedly moved 39-year old Russian Oksana Grigorieva and her 11-year old son into one of his California mansions. There are also rumors that Grigorieva is now pregnant with Gibson’s child.

Whether or not any of this speculation will ultimately play a role in divorce hearings is yet to be seen, although it may be likely. Because the assets in question represent such an incredible value, both sides are likely to make an in-depth case drawing upon whatever disruptions have occurred in their marital history. Divorce can be a very emotional affair, where significant and petty disputes may both play a role.

Definitely significant in this case are the multiple children whose lives will be affected by whatever happens. It can be easy to contextualize the divorce process as simply between two individuals, but parents also have to recognize the toll that the change can take on children. It is likely that the court will consider this as well, not only regarding concerns such as custody and visitation rights, but also in terms of how much of the settlement will be devoted to ensuring that any minors will be supported in the future.

If taken to court, divorce lawyers on each side will have counseled their clients as to what kind of information can be put to the judge in order to gain favor. The Gibson case is still in its early days, so there may not yet even be an organized list detailing the various assets in question.

Celebrity divorce lawyer Raoul Felder is quoted in Entertainment Weekly as believing that the split will be resolved relatively quickly: "(Robyn Denis Moore) doesn't want to be a partner in a movie that may or may not be made 10 years from now. I think she'd want to be paid up front. Until then, I'd try to keep it quiet. Because one of the problems with these divorces is, if you unleash the dogs of war, you can never put them back in the bottle again, to mix metaphors. But who knows, it may wind up being World War III -- you can't tell."

Source: ABC News

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