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Former Playboy Playmate Must Pay Ex-Husband’s Fees in Divorce


There was no good news for Hope Marie Carlton in the latest ruling on her prenuptial agreement battle with ex-husband Robert Levin. Even though Levin is worth several millions of dollars according to Geoffrey Fattah of the Deseret News, Carlton must cover her ex’s divorce court costs.

The Utah Court of Appeals ruled that she is not entitled to a portion of her former husband’s wealth because of a prenuptial agreement. Carlton is not entitled to co-ownership of a luxury resort or $1.5 million in profits from Levin’s land development investments in San Juan County.

Carlton is entitled to nothing because prior the couple’s marriage in 1991, they signed a prenuptial agreement that protected Levin’s assets from being divided in the event that the couple ever decided to file for divorce.

Carlton was Playboy Magazine’s "Playmate of the Month" in 1985 and at the time of the marriage was an aspiring actress with occasional parts in movies and television shows. She made as much as $44,000 in one year during that period. At the same time, Levin was 42 and already semi-retired after making his millions at a young age.

After their marriage, Carlton and Levin moved to Park City, Utah, where they lived a "luxurious leisure lifestyle" in the opinion of the Court of Appeals. In 1994, they developed the Sorrel River Ranch Resort along a stretch of the Colorado River. Carlton believed she was a co-owner of the luxury resort and spa, according to court records.

The resort briefly landed in the news in 2003 after the couple invited HBO to shoot episodes of an HBO series called "Hotel Erotica" on the property. According to the Deseret News, citing IMDB.com, Carlton acted in the series.

She has also starred in several Playboy-produced shows and some horror movies and sitcom roles.

In addition to ruling against Carlton’s motion to receive a portion of the Sorrel River Ranch Resort and other assets, the Court of Appeals also ordered Carlton to compensate her ex-husband for the legal fees he incurred during the court battle. These fees amount to approximately $167,885, according to the Deseret News.

The ruling states that Carlton will pay the money via deductions from her alimony award, which is currently set at $15,000 a month. From each payment $2,500 will be deducted until the court costs have been equaled out.

On that plan, Carlton will pay off the court costs in a little over five and a half years, though a lower court could adjust the terms of her repayment plan. Carlton also has the right to appeal the Court of Appeals’ decision to the Utah Supreme Court, though there are no indications yet as to whether or not she will take this route.

Source: Deseret News

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