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Private Practice Star Struggling with Divorce


Kate Walsh, who many know from her role on Grey’s Anatomy and its spin-off sister show Private Practice, has recently run into further complications during her divorce. Her ex-husband Alex Young is reportedly contesting the workings of an accounting firm hired by the pair.

Alex Young is a film executive at 20th Century Fox. The couple filed a divorce petition, due to irreconcilable differences, on November 22, 2008. They had been married for 15 months.

As can happen to any business intertwined in the Hollywood realm, the accounting firm London & Co. has wound up in the spotlight in a battle over legal documents. Young reportedly wants full access to any financial information available, and the firm states they have provided this. Yet Young has now filed another claim asserting that the accountants have refused to hand over a full report of the joint assets.

The firm claims it has given Young everything he needs, which amounts to some 3,000 pages of documents, but sources claim he has demanded access to more that is not being provided. According to Radar Online, London & Co. is on the record as starting, "Young is intent on harassing London, a non-party accounting firm, on the week before the tax filing deadline through a series of cryptic, threatening and abusive letters."

It is impossible to tell what the actuality of the situation is without having access to the accounting firm's files, but this situation reveals the high drama that can accompany any messy divorce. Each side often feels entitled to a percentage of property assets, and this percentage can be a very fluid number open to intense debate.

This type of controversy can just as easily occur in the divorce proceedings of non-celebrities as well. One side can argue that the other is not forthcoming enough with information crucial to the divorce settlement, and the other side can just as easily ignore or reject that argument. Now, when those entities entrusted with holding the documents that tell the real story are called out for intentionally interfering with the information, the legal ramifications become much more serious. In typical cases, however, these documents will ultimately tell the court as much of the tale as can be known.

Divorce lawyers who handle divorce proceedings are likely to know where an individual splitting from his or her spouse can recover the documents necessary to prove their case. The divorce attorney may also possess the knowledge necessary to ensure that this information is properly presented to court officials, so that the client's case is as strong as possible.

Again, it is as of yet unknown whether or not there has been any real interference in the documents pertinent to Kate Walsh’s divorce from her husband Alex Young. Whatever the reality of the situation is, though, the court may ultimately have to decide the relevance of this latest development as to whether or not either party can bring up the allegation during divorce proceedings.

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