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Eccentric Ravens Fan Owes Tens of Thousands in Child Support


Going through a divorce is never easy for the people involved, and the aftermath-including child custody, child support and alimony issues-can be especially frustrating. But the post-divorce frustration of one Baltimore woman was relieved in an unusual way, thanks to her ex-husband's bizarre antics.

Ron Stach, a 41-year-old Baltimore resident and staunch fan of the Baltimore Ravens, has two sons, according to reports from the Baltimore Sun. Stach was apparently married to the older son's mother for a brief period in 1990; the couple divorced when their son was less than a year old.

Eighteen years later, the son is now in college-and Stach is evidently behind on his child support payments. About eighteen years behind, according to his ex-wife, Kelly Stach.

So far, this couple's story may sound all too familiar to those who have struggled to get a former spouse to make child support payments, or have struggled themselves to scrape the necessary funds together. But there's a twist.

Earlier this winter, Ron Stach reportedly promised that he would camp out on the roof of a bar in downtown Baltimore until the Ravens won a game or fired their head coach. With support from the bar's owner, who, sources report, fed Stach well and offered him unlimited beer, Stach remained on the roof for two weeks.

Local media took a liking to Stach, and the bar attracted publicity and patronage when reporters came to get interviews with the "Goof on the Roof," as he was dubbed. And, though the Ravens didn't win before he climbed down on Christmas Day, it seems his ex-wife won a small victory.

Kelly Stach grew irritated with interviews in which Stach admitted to spending $500 on Ravens memorabilia, despite the fact that he'd allegedly neglected to make $50 weekly child support payments during the past two decades.

When she noticed that early news articles misspelled her ex's name ("Stack" instead of "Stach"), she reportedly wondered if the error was intentional, meant to assure no one would discover his court records. Apparently, several warrants for Mr. Stach's arrest were issued in the 1990s, most for failure to pay child support.

At one point, sources report, he was sentenced to six months in jail for contempt of court.

Kelly Stach told reporters that her ex-husband owed her more than $34,000 as of 2004 in unpaid child support. By now, some estimate that that figure could be as high as $43,000. And, when Stach's court records were unearthed, they reportedly showed an arrest warrant issued as recently as this summer.

It seems the Ravens enthusiast owes thousands of dollars in child support to the mother of his other son, as well.

The roof dweller's first wife called police during the height of Mr. Stach's fame to inform them that the Goof on the Roof was wanted for failure to appear in court for child support-related hearings. Now, Mr. Stach has plenty of time to contemplate his favorite team, since he's reportedly being held in Baltimore County jail on bail of more than $42,000.

It doesn't seem likely that his ex-wife will come to his rescue.

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