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Divorce Bouncing the Way of Tim Donaghy, Ex-NBA Official Involved in Gambling


September 14, 2007 - It's hardly been the summer of love for former NBA official Tim Donaghy.

In July, Donaghy was linked to providing "inside" information on basketball games for gambling purposes. The illegal gambling ring has not only cost Donaghy his $260,000 job as an NBA official and ostracized him throughout the league but also puts his status as a free man in serious jeopardy.

With that said, now comes the news that Donaghy's wife Kimberly has filed for divorce from the embattled ex-referee. Citing that her marriage is "irretrievably broken," Kimberly Donaghy states in divorce papers recently-filed in a Florida court that the couple's financial security was jeopardized by her husband's "voluntary actions."

What specifically were those "voluntary actions"? Tim Donaghy admitted last month that he had received more than $30,000 for providing his gambling associates inside tips on NBA games, including some contests that he officiated. He now faces up to 25 years in prison for his role in the NBA gambling ring.

Kim Donaghy initially stood by her husband, who was a referee for 13 years in the NBA. After the story broke that her husband was involved in gambling, Kim Donaghy posted an angry letter on the front door of the couple's $1.35 million home in Brandenton, Florida.

The letter essentially demanded that reporters flocking outside the home leave her husband and kids alone. After expressing her support for her husband on a piece of paper, Kim Donaghy has now officially expressed her split from the ex-referee in divorce papers.

Kim Donaghy is officially seeking a "disproportionate share" of the couple's assets based on how his actions have impacted and will impact her family in the future. She has also asked for custody of the four children and exclusive use of their luxurious home.

Kim Donaghy declined comment on the matter as did Leslie Talbot, her divorce lawyer. Tim Donaghy's criminal defense lawyer, John Lauro, also declined comment on his client's divorce.

Here's guessing that the 40-year-old Donaghy didn't fully realize what he was getting himself into when he decided to compromise the integrity of the game. Not only did Donaghy sacrifice trust in the game of the basketball, he sacrificed everything in his life, including his family.

Basically, Donaghy's life has been flipped upside down for a mere $30,000. Talk about a bad investment.

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