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New Kansas Divorce Laws Help Divorced Members of the Military


Governor Kathleen Sebelius recently signed two bills into Kansas divorce law that will benefit divorced and separated members of the military, according to the Wichita Eagle. According to sources, the Governor signed the Kansas divorce legislation in hopes of simplifying what can be an exceptionally complicated time for divorced and separated parents.

Senate Bill 32 is designed to facilitate the problems with determining and modifying child custody arrangements when one parent is deployed for military duty of some sort.

The bill reportedly calls for the creation of a parenting plan - which includes child custody arrangements - whenever a divorced or separated parent receives military deployment, temporary duty, mobilization or unaccompanied tour orders.

Sources indicate that when the new Kansas divorce law takes effect, parents in the military will have the option of having court hearings expedited when military duties render them unable to appear in court for a regularly scheduled hearing. Additionally, the new Kansas military divorce law will require that all modifications to child custody orders be made temporary and be signified as triggered by military deployment of some sort.

Under SB 32, the divorce court will also evidently be able to order that the child or children spend time allocated to the military parent with another family member with a close relationship to the offspring.

Sebelius has allegedly expressed the belief that these modifications to current Kansas divorce law will make life a little easier for those on active military duty.

Because the court will be required to note that military duty was the reason for modifications in child custody orders, parents in the armed forces will be able to avoid having an unfavorable-looking custody ruling show up at a later date.

The creation and implementation of a long-term parenting plan will allow parents serving in the military the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their children are provided for and taken care of in their absence.

And, according to reports, Sebelius has praised the new Kansas divorce laws as measures that will allow parents in the armed forces to be better informed and more confident about the rights available to them when they're forced to leave their families behind to serve their country.

With these new Kansas military divorce laws in place, separated and divorced military parents will be able to focus on their military duties rather than worry about the wellbeing of their children and the state of their custody orders in their absence.

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