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Divorce Myths Thrown around in Media Debate?


While it may be debated whether men or women suffer more during and after a divorce, it can be safely said that the divorce process brings on challenges for all parties involved.

Considering divorce can be a frightening prospect on many levels to begin with and is especially so when simply wondering about how your life will change following the divorce.

A divorce can change a spouse's life on many levels, from having to find a new place to live and being responsible for monthly child support and alimony payments to not seeing your children everyday and having to adjust to child custody and child visitation orders.

With so many things up for stakes and personal feelings also on the line, it's no wonder why divorces can get quite contentious at times. With that said, it's also no surprise that advocates for father's and mother's rights often dispute each other's claims about who's righted and wronged during divorce.

This point was recently evident when the MensNewsDaily.com Web site took an MSNBC.com story to task for propelling the divorce myth that men gain financially while women suffer after divorce.

Apparently, MensNewsDaily didn't take too kindly to this aspect of the MSNBC article in which divorce financial analyst Stacy Francis and psychologist and author Debra Mandel advise women to protect themselves financially after divorce:

"After a divorce, a woman's cost of living can increase dramatically, hence the reason why court-ordered alimony and child support payments most often go to women. Even so, experts report the average woman experiences a 45 percent decrease in her standard of living after going through a divorce. Meanwhile, the average man experiences a 15 percent improvement in his standard of living."

After reading this statement, MensNewsDaily.com alleged that MSNBC.com was pushing a divorce myth which in the last 20 years has led to more and more child support guidelines. Specifically, MensNewsDaily.com accused MSNBC.com of perpetuating the Weitzman hoax.

MensNewsDaily.com was referring to a 1985 book entitled The Divorce Revolution in which author Lenore Weitzman reported that the standard of living after divorce for women dropped by 75 percent. In contrast, Weitzman concluded that the standard of living for men after divorce went up by 40 percent. According to MensNewsDaily.com, Weitzman admitted years later that her findings were inaccurate due to a mathematical error.

With that said, MensNewsDaily.com alleged that Weitzman alone did enough damage to men during divorce and thus ripped MSNBC for including statistics in the story which it said were in error.

Sounds like a matter of "he said, she said" in this current debate, kind of like some divorces!

Ultimately, this little debate reveals an important point when it comes to getting information about the divorce process. Speak to a local divorce lawyer. Naturally, advocates for father's and mother's rights are going to have different opinions on divorce and express their beliefs as truth. By speaking to a local divorce attorney, you can get answers to the questions you have about the divorce process.

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