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Woman Airs Divorce Issues on YouTube


What's a jilted wife to do?

Since we're now living in the YouTube age, anyone can make a film about anything. So that's exactly what the wife of one major Broadway theater operator decided to do. Tricia Walsh-Smith, an actress and playwright from England, invited a film crew into the New York apartment that her husband is evicting her from and decided to air the couple's dirty laundry for the camera.

The video that Walsh-Smith posted to YouTube has been viewed almost 3 million times. During the video, she reveals that she signed a prenuptial agreement before marrying her much older husband and that it was only later, when her husband decided to divorce her, that she found out exactly what the agreement contained.

Walsh-Smith's main concerns seem to be the money that her husband has that she is afraid that she won't be getting after the divorce and the fact that he is evicting her from their New York apartment, although she readily admits during the video that she wants to be in London.

During one segment of the video, she specifically attempts to humiliate her husband by talking about their sex life. She then says that she had found pornographic materials, Viagra and condoms in the apartment and calls his secretary and instructs her to ask him what to do with these items.

The couple's wedding album is also shown during the video, with photos of Walsh-Smith's husband and his daughter, who has the words "Nasty, Evil Step-Daughter" superimposed over her image. For her husband, she reserved the words "Mean, Bad Husband." Most of this name calling has to do with her concerns over how her husband's fortune will be divided up after his death.

It's hard to imagine why her husband would want to divorce such a charming wife, but at any rate, he does, and she is attempting to punish him for that decision in any way that she can. It's hard to imagine what her divorce lawyer, Raoul Felder, might have said to her about her YouTube antics, but according to a recent Associated Press news report, he has said the video is funny but sad and that she is a victim who comes off well.

The YouTube video currently has almost 8,500 comments, few of which are sympathetic to Walsh-Smith. There are also 30 video responses to her rant, some slamming her motivations and others just trying to ride the wave of her now viral video. Judging from the responses she has received on YouTube, Walsh-Smith may have lost this round in the court of public opinion. It remains to be seen how she will fare in divorce court where there is, according to her, a $500,000 per year pension and a $60 million fortune up for grabs.

There is one thing that Walsh-Smith says in her YouTube divorce video that her soon to be ex-husband will not be likely to dispute. She says, in less than flattering terms, that she is an idiot. While her divorce lawyer may not agree, it seems that most people who have viewed and commented on her YouTube video feel that she has hit the nail on the head with that comment, even if the rest of the video is based on fantasy.

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