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Divided New York Divorce Takes Property Division to a Whole New Level!


While property division is often a source of major debate in many divorces, one couple has taken this issue a bit too literally during their bitter New York divorce.

After Chana and Simon Taub both refused to move out of their home, a judge ordered the construction of a wall down the middle of the three-story house in order to prevent any more sparring during their New York divorce, according to a recent Baltimore Sun story.

Specifically, Chana said in the story that she filed for divorce from her husband of 18 years after he physically and mentally abused her. Simon denied all such charges but was forced out of the home, at least temporarily, when Chana filed a police report stating that he beat her.

During the couple's New York divorce proceeding, Simon asked permission to be allowed back into the home and to build a dividing wall. After the judge agreed to this unusual request during this New York divorce, Simon spent $500 out of his own pocket to have the wall constructed.

Chana appealed this decision, but was struck down. As interested neighbors watched the construction of this dividing wall last December, local media heard of this crazy New York divorce and dubbed it Brooklyn's "War of the Roses" after a 1989 movie in which a divorced couple fights to their deaths over their property and possessions.

As stipulated in this Brooklyn divorce, a sand-colored wall now separates the first floor living room from a spiral staircase leading to the second and third floors of the Taub residence. A mahogany door barricaded with plywood splits the second floor in half.

So Who Got What in this Divisive Brooklyn Divorce?

57-year-old Chana proudly considers the garage, front door, spiral staircase, second-floor kitchen, four bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a third-floor nursery as her half of the home. 58-year-old Simon was left with the first-floor living room, a bathroom and a second-floor dining room which he initially could only reach by walking up his neighbor's outside stairs, jumping over a railing and climbing through a window! While both parties in this Brooklyn divorce have showed their stubbornness, Simon later paid construction workers to build a spiral staircase from his first-floor living room to the dining room. Guess some things are just not worth laboring over?

According to Chana, the couple also owns property down the block where Simon often stays during the week. However, Chana added in the story that Simon comes back on the weekends and "makes a lot of noise." She also said that when she does see Simon in the home, she runs the other way.

Simon has said that he wants nothing to do with Chana and that he's not leaving until she moves out. He also denied Chana's allegations that he needed a younger wife, had various mistresses and made her put on his socks in the middle of the night so he could visit his alleged mistresses.

According to one New York divorce lawyer in the story, he's never heard of such drastic measures in his 24 years of handling divorce cases. Stanley D. Heisler said that while he's heard of couples living in a one-bedroom apartments for years after a New York divorce due to the high costs of living, he's never seen anything like what Simon and Chana Taub have put each other through. Who has?

More reminiscent of some terrible premise for a reality television show, this memorable Brooklyn divorce truly reveals one couple's bitterness for each other and teaches the important lesson of what not to do during divorce!

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