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The Reality Is Impending Divorce


What reality TV puts together, let no man tear apart. Reality TV couples usually do enough destruction on their own, thank you. They can't all be Ryan and Trista can they?

Some reality TV shows, such as The Bachelor, are designed to bring couples together for marriage. Some, like Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, follow the lives of already married celebrities. Others, like Survivor and Biggest Loser, aren't specifically designed to create love and marriage but sometimes do all the same.

The troubling aspect of these on-air unions is that they are seldom permanent, although often long and drawn out separations, reconciliations and subsequent public and sometimes bitter divorce proceedings are quite common.

Consider Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler, for instance. The two were married on Halloween Eve in 2004 on the MTV reality show Meet the Barkers. Barker is the drummer for the bands the Transplants and the currently inactive Blink-182. Moakler is a former Miss USA. Two years and two kids later, Barker filed for divorce and a nasty public battle began.

Barker claims he found condoms in the couple's home among Moakler's possessions. Since he says the couple never used condoms he considered it evidence of Shanna's infidelity. Shanna publicly denied that she ever cheated on Travis during their relationship.

The couple luckily had a pre-nuptial agreement, so they didn't have to fight over money. However, fighting about Paris Hilton was a different story. When Travis hooked up with Paris the fur really began to fly and the couple embarked in a weird and ultra-nasty battle using MySpace, each posting their side of the story and digs at the other. Barker accused Moakler of being a bad mother and Moakler said Barker was embarrassing. Moakler also had an altercation directly with Paris at a nightclub, after which she and Paris filed assault charges against each other.

This March, after much public speculation, the couple announced they have reunited and have been seen kissing in public and frolicking on the beach together. Shanna can't seem to let the Paris thing go though; she recently posted another blog on her MySpace account which exposed the private email and personal phone numbers for both Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. We can only wait and wonder if there is another breakdown on the horizon.

Of all the other reality TV couples who have publicly divorced, Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were possibly the kindest to each other, in the public eye anyway. In November 2005, after many released and later retracted media stories of their breakup, the couple officially announced that they were actually splitting up. On June 30, 2006 the divorce finalized without any nastiness.

Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra wed in November 2003 and had their engagement and wedding filmed for the MTV series "Till Death Do Us Part". I haven't heard of either of them dying, but it seems they buried the marriage and put it behind them when their divorce finalized in February. Dave has said that he and Carmen will always be best friends. I guess that's possible, they just won't be best friends who are married to each other.

All of this may make for great tabloid headlines and the world may be entertained but in the reality it is simply sad. Does happily ever after exist? For some reality TV couples, possibly, but for most the trip down the aisle is likely to end in divorce court.

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