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West Virginia Divorce Reignited by $333,442.86 Divorce Bill!


October 12, 2007 - A seemingly-finished West Virginia divorce between an orthopedic surgeon and his jilted ex-wife has been revived, with a $333,442.86 divorce bill serving as a new center of controversy.

Georganne Landis has asked the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals to overturn a lower court ruling in which it was determined last year that her ex-husband, orthopedic surgeon A.E. Landis, did not have to foot her expensive divorce bill.

Lyne Ranson, Georganne Landis' divorce attorney, has said his client does not have the money to pay for the divorce bill, including its attorney and expert fees and other costs.

Elton Byron Jr., the West Virginia divorce attorney of A.E. Landis, has said that his client's ex-wife does have the money to pay for the divorce bill. Specifically, the West Virginia divorce attorney said that A.E. Landis, now 65, was ordered by a court during the divorce to pay his wife more than $880,000. Byron Jr. has also said that it's not his client's fault that Georganne ran up such a high divorce bill.

Georganne Landis has alleged that she hasn't seen any of this $888,966 since December 2005 and is thus now trying to pit the blame for the divorce on her ex-husband's shoulders to help her pay the divorce bill.

Georganne Landis has also charged her ex-husband of cheating on her with his X-ray technician, to whom he is now engaged. She has said that she first learned of the matter way back in 1999 when she called her husband on the road and the technician allegedly picked up the phone. Georganne's divorce attorney has also alleged A.E. Landis of having a separate pager that he used to communicate with the technician during his client's marriage.

While saying that she wanted to reconcile with her husband to keep her family intact, Georganne Landis revealed that he did not want to do so. A divorce was resolved before going to trial.

A.E. Landis' divorce attorney has used this fact as a means to say that fault was never established in the divorce to begin with. Bryon Jr. has also said that Georganne Landis went through several divorce attorneys for reasons that could not be attributed to her ex-husband.

Questions of employment and health have also surfaced during these back-and-forth allegations. Georganne Landis says that she hasn't worked in more than 20 years and is thus not employable, indicating that her ex-husband needs to pay for the divorce bill.

A.E. Landis' West Virginia divorce lawyer has said that Georganne is employable, as evident by her education, intelligence and independent wealth and real estate holdings.

Georganne Landis has also claimed that she is limited by diabetes, arthritis and four collapsed discs. Bryon Jr. has asserted that A.E. Landis is not in good physical or financial health at his age, especially when considering the court ordered obligations of him.

With all that considered, it's most likely safe to say that such continued arguing over the divorce is not good for the health of anyone involved.

The Justices for the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals began hearing this divorce case on October 9th, and we'll keep you updated on any major developments.

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