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Musicians often write and sing about love and heartbreak, and their lives often mirror their songs, especially when it comes to divorce. While capturing the public's imagination with their rock star lives, these musicians also grab our attention when it comes to their relationships, especially when they hit hard times.

From the messy divorce of former Beatle Paul McCartney and his ex-wife Heather Mills of "Dancing with the Stars" to the dip into the bizarre world of Britney Spears and her ex Kevin Federline, this year has already seen its fair share of wild music celebrity divorces.

See for yourself below, and don't forget to follow our very popular Celebrity Divorce Spotlight section on the headline-making entertainment, sports, business and bizarre divorces of the day.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for May 30, 2008

Singer Usher Files for Separation from Wife Tameka Raymond

The singer known as Usher has reportedly filed for separation from wife Tameka Raymond after nine months of marriage. Tabloids have speculated that the separation is a publicity stunt for Usher's new album, which is due next week. Raymond and Usher have a five-month old son together.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for May 23, 2008

Shania Twain and Mutt Lang to Divorce

Music power couple Shania Twain, 42, and music producer husband Robert "Mutt" Lang, 59, will divorce after 14 years of marriage. Lang has long been credited for many of Twain's hit records and has produced songs for the rock band Def Leppard. They have one child together.

Jermaine Jackson Divorce Finalized

Singer Jermaine Jackson has finalized his divorce from wife Alejandra. The couple split in 2004 after nine years of marriage. They have two children together. According to court documents, Jackson will pay off a $100,000 debt in lieu of paying spousal support and will pay $3,000 per month in child support. Wife Alejandra will continue to have sole physical custody of the children.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for April 18, 2008

Yoko Ono Weighs in On McCartney-Mills Divorce

The woman who is often blamed for the breakup of the Beatles has now weighed in on the breakup of Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. John Lennons widow, Yoko Ono, has expressed sympathy for both parties, saying that although she hadnt spoken to Paul about his divorce, she felt bad about it, "Im very sorry for him to have had to go through all that." Regarding Heather Mills, she said, "Its not very easy for a woman to be associated with the Beatles. I think all the wives did suffer, but suffered quietly and endured….Heather needs to do her very best to try and survive." The Beatles ended their musical relationship in 1970, which was one year after Ono married Lennon. She is frequently blamed for the bands dissolution.

Paul McCartney Peeved over Heather Mills' Documentary Plans

News sources have reported that Heather Mills' alleged plans to be included in a Martin Scorsese documentary about former Beatle George Harrison's life have ex-husband and former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney hopping mad. London's Daily Express tabloid reported a source close to McCartney as saying, "Paul couldn't believe it…he never dreamed she would try to muscle in on George's memory." News sources have widely reported that Harrison died in a home that McCartney owned, and Mills claims that she was one of the last people to see Harrison before he died. McCartney and Mills were married for four years and had a heated, acrimonious divorce.

Rapper DMX Denies Divorce Rumors from Wife Tashera

The rapper known as DMX has denied reports that he and wife Tashera are splitsville. A spokesman for DMX said, "They're not getting a divorce; they're good. They never said they were separated." Rumors have been swirling that the couple split earlier this year and may be headed for a messy divorce.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for April 3, 2008

Paul McCartney Rumored to be Vacationing with Socialite Nancy Shevell

Newly divorced former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney is rumored to be celebrating his divorce from Heather Mills with a vacation to Antigua with socialite Nancy Shevell. McCartney and Shevell were reportedly spotted on the beach of a private resort, according to the British tabloid The Sun. Shevell, 47, is also undergoing a divorce from husband Bruce Blakeman. McCartney has also been rumored to be linked romantically to actress and filmmaker Rosanna Arquette.

Country Singer Sara Evans Gets Engaged

With the ink barely dry on her much-publicized divorce from Craig Schelske, country singer Sara Evans has gotten engaged to Alabama talk show host Jay Barker. Evans was divorced from Schelske last year after a heated divorce in which the couple accused each other of infidelity and strange behaviors. The couple was married for 14 years. Evans has three children; Barker has four children. No wedding date has been announced.

Vanilla Ices Estranged Wife Gets Restraining Order

White rapper-wannabe Vanilla Ice, whose real name is Rob Van Winkle, has been released from jail but ordered by a Florida court to stay away from his wife Laura following his arrest for domestic battery. According to Palm Beach County, Florida police reports, police were called to the home of Rob and Laura Van Winkle after Laura called 911 that her husband had kicked and hit her. When police arrived, Laura claimed only that Rob has "pushed" her and that she wants a divorce. Police nevertheless arrested Van Winkle for domestic battery. Laura subsequently obtained a temporary restraining order against him, which will allow him to contact her only by telephone. Van Winkle was arrested in 2004 on similar battery charges.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for April 11, 2008

In Touch Magazine: Pink's Divorce No Surprise

According to In Touch magazine, singer Pink and husband Corey Hart have had a rocky marriage from day one. An insider was quoted as saying, "They started talking divorce within a few months of their wedding and then they surprised everyone by deciding to work it out instead." The couple married in 2006 and announced their split earlier this year. The magazine quoted the unnamed insider as saying the divorce "Surprised no one." The magazine also quoted a dancer on Pink's former tour as saying Pink seemd "unhappy" and "fed up with her marriage" during her tour. The couple has no children together.

Heather Mills to Judge Miss USA Contest

Perhaps Heather Mills met fellow divorcee Marie Osmond on the set of Dancing with the Stars? The now-rich ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney will be a judge at the 2008 Miss USA pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, according to United Perss International. Marie Osmond, whose divorce is not yet finalized, will host the awards with her brother Donnie Osmond. The pageant will be held April 11 at the Planet Hollywood Casino.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for March 27, 2008

Nikki Sixx Moves on with New Girlfriend; Divorce Brings Them Together

MÖTLEY CRÜE rock star Nikki Sixx reportedly wrote on his website that his new girlfriend, Kat Von D, was originally nothing more than a sympathetic friend who was also going through a divorce. Eventually, the relationship blossomed into more, he explained. "She was going through a brutal divorce (as was I) and we were friends…I've never had a friend become the girl. It caught us by surprise." Sixx was divorced from actress Donna D'Errico in November of last year after 11 years of marriage. Kat Von D is divorced from Oliver Peck.

Heather Mills Hires Gloria Allred

London's Sunday Express has reported that poor little rich divorcee Heather Mills has retained attorney Gloria Allred to garner her publicity and television deals, including being a judge at the "Miss USA" contest. According to the Sunday Express, Mills' plans include hoping to get more than $1 million in a deal in which her sister Fiona would gossip about Heather's relationship with McCartney. Fiona is not bound by a gag order not to speak about the divorce, as is Mills. Mills is also reportedly hoping to be featured in a Martin Scorsese documentary about Beatle George Harrison, claiming she was one of the last to visit with him before he died. Official death reports claim that Harrison died in a home that McCartney bought for Mills.

McCartney to Pay Mills Nearly $50 Million for Four Years of Marriage

The Los Angeles Times and Reuters news service have reported that a London High Court judge has finally ruled on the heated divorce between Sir Paul McCartney and ex-wife Heather Mills. Mills will receive $48.6 million, and told reporters she was "glad it's over" and happy with the settlement. Reuters estimated that the former model earned $34,000 per day for being married to McCartney. Mills had represented herself in court after firing her attorneys, and reportedly owes millions of dollars in legal fees. The London High Court judge who ruled on the case stated that he found McCartney's statements to be "consistent" and those of Mills to be deceptive and inconsistent.

Madonna's Rep Denies Divorce Rumors for Madonna and Guy Ritchie

Pop superstar and husband Guy Ritchie are absolutely "not" headed for divorce court, according to Liz Rosenberg, spokesperson for Madonna. "I am delighted to confirm that Mr. and Mrs. Guy Ritchie remain happily married," Rosenberg said in a statement Monday. Rosenberg's statement was a response to a story by a British news service that quoted an unnamed source as saying that the relationship between the couple is "over." The couple has three children together. Rosenberg vehemently denied pregnancy rumors during Madonna's first trimester of pregnancy with the couple's son Rocco, 7.

Sam Lutfi to Stay Away from Britney Spears

Even though she is now divorced from Kevin Federline, Britney Spears' father wants Britney to have nothing to do with rumored romantic interest and former manager, Sam Lutfi. According to the Associated Press, a Los Angeles Superior Court agrees. Lutfi was ordered to stay away from Spears for an additional 30 days, according to the Associated Press, and Spears' father, who is managing her affairs as a court-ordered conservator, would like to make the order permanent. Spears' mother Lynne initiated the order after alleging that Lutfi drugged Spears and abused her finances. Spears' ex-husband, Kevin Federline, had initiated prior restraining orders against Spears from seeing their two children because of her erratic behavior. Spears is now reportedly on a supervised, twice-weekly visitation schedule with her children.

Celebrity Divorce Updates for March 14, 2008

McCartney Didn't Sell Beatles to iTunes to Pay for Divorce

Apple Inc, owner of iTunes, has denied rumors that Beatles songs will soon be made available for download on the iTunes website. Apple was responding to Internet rumors that former Beatle and billionaire Sir Paul McCartney had sold Beatles songs to iTunes to pay for his divorce from Heather Mills. EMI, not Paul McCartney, owns the Beatles recordings, and EMI would need to make a deal with McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yoko Ono, and Olivia Harrison for the tunes. A spokesperson for Apple said, "This is not news, nor is it a scoop."

Celebrity Divorce Updates for March 7, 2008

Pink's Estranged Hubby Carey Hart Says Pink is "Love of my life."

Though he has announced plans to divorce his singer wife Pink, Carey Hart told PEOPLE magazine that Pink "Is the love of my life" and that they talk all the time. The singer has also publicly admitted she still loves Hart. After the couple announced their split, Pink commented that the divorce is not about "cheating, anger or fighting." The couple married in 2001. They have no children together.

Rapper Snoop Dogg: "I will never divorce my wife."

Never say never? Never. Rap megastar Snoop Dogg has told reporters that he will never divorce his wife Shante, and will renew his vows to her at the end of the first season of his reality TV show, "Fatherhood." The vow renewal was reportedly a surprise for Shante. Snoop and Shante had filed for divorce in 2004, but rekindled their romance thereafter. The Doggfather said,"I need my wife and my kids in my life. So if you hear about a divorce, it'll be my wife divorcing me. It won't be me divorcing her."

Simon Cowell Admits He Fears Divorce; Won't Marry Girlfriend

Snoop Dogg, he's not. American Idol's Simon Cowell told a British tabloid that he will not marry his girlfriend Terri Seymour because he is afraid she will"do a Heather Mills on him," according to the Mirror."I don't believe in marriage," Cowell reportedly said. Cowell is reportedly worth $80 million and wants to keep every penny of it."Terri understands," he said of his current girlfriend. Oookay then.

Celebrity Divorce Updates for February 29, 2008

McCartney Divorce Ruling Set for March 17

All the major news bureaus are reporting that the judge in the heated divorce battle between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills will be settled on March 17, when the judge will announce his ruling. Mills has reportedly asked for $100 million from McCartney as payment for their four year marriage. McCartney is rumored to be a billionaire. Tabloids are speculating that the judgment, which is set to be announced in a private London courtroom, will be made public. If either side disputes the judgment, however, and chooses to appeal, the verdict would be made public anyway.

Britney Spears Gets to See Two Sons

Britney Spears has been allowed to see her two sons twice in the past week. Spears has not seen her children since early January, after a temporary restraining order barred her from seeing them. Spears and ex-husband, Kevin Federline, have reportedly worked out a mutually agreeable visitation schedule. Meanwhile, Spears' attorney, Jon Eardley, has lost his plea in a U.S. District Court that Spears' civil rights were taken away when her father, Jamie Spears, was granted conservatorship of Spears' estate. Spears' bizarre antics since filing for divorce from Federline have given rise to international speculation that Spears is using drugs and/or has a bipolor disorder.

Singer Pink and Carey Hart Announce Impending Divorce

The singer known as Pink and husband Carey Hart are set to divorce, according to People magazine. Though neither has filed any court motions yet, the couple announced that their two-year marriage is over. "Pink and Carey Hart have separated. This decision was made by best friends with a huge amount of love and respect for one another," said publicist Michael Schweitzer, "While the marriage is over, their friendship has never been stronger." The couple met in 2001 and married in 2006. They have no children together.

Travis Barker and Shanna Moakler Now Divorced

Travis Barker has announced that his on-again, off-again romance with ex-wife Shanna Moakler is off for good. "We were divorced a few days ago," Barker told a reporter recently. The couple split last year and their divorce was finalized recently. The couple, formerly of the reality show "Meet the Barkers," made world headlines when they bickered in public blogs over Shanna's reported "divorce party." They reunited shortly thereafter, and have now split again. They have two children together.

Celebrity Divorce Updates for February 22, 2008

Judge to Decide on Finances Between Heather Mills and Paul McCartney

The Associated Press has reported that a London Royal Court judge will decide upon the financial terms in the acrimonious divorce between Sir Paul McCartney and ex-wife Heather Mills. With Mills reportedly representing herself in court during an entire week of court hearings, the couple was reportedly unable to work out a deal. McCartney is said to be worth more than one billion dollars and Mills wants at least $100 million of it for the four years she was married to the former Beatle. The couple has one child together and was divorced in 2007. The terms of the settlement decided upon the judge is expected to remain private.

Britney Spears' Attorneys Want to Drop Her Again

As if the chaos from divorcing Kevin Federline were not enough, the attorneys handling Britney Spears' divorce case want to divorce her too-again. Spears' divorce attorneys asked a Los Angeles Superior Court last month to withdraw as Spears' counsel, then withdrew their petition. They've now asked again to be removed from Spears' case. Spears' attorney, Sorrell Trope, admitted he had retracted papers previously and was not at liberty to say why he was refiling papers to be off the case. "I'm not at liberty to say more at this time," he told PEOPLE magazine. Spears has had numerous legal issues lately, including her divorce from Federline, the temporary restraining order against her from seeing her two children, and her a successful court petition by her father, Jamie Spears, to manage Britney's affairs because she is mentally unstable. Spears' manager, Sam Lutfi, is reportedly fighting for control of Spears' affairs. A hearing about who can represent Britney will be held March 10. "Hopefully they will find someone to replace us," said Trope.

Blake Fielder Civil Admits He Threatened to Divorce Amy Winehouse

Britain's News of the World reported that Blake Fielder Civil, husband of five-time Grammy winner Amy Winehouse, has announced that he threatened to divorce Winehouse if she did not get help for reported substance abuse problems. Winehouse is currently being investigated by police for an Internet video that shows her smoking what looks like a drug pipe and admitting that she had taken a large quantity of prescription sedatives. "Drugs turned Amy and me into little monsters," admitted Civil, who claims he will no longer take the drugs he claims to have used with Winehouse. Speaking from a jail cell while incarcerated for witness tampering in an assault case against him, Civil said, "[Threatening divorce] was the only thing that would make her see sense…Every day I fear the prison chaplain is going to walk into my cell and break the news that Amy is dead." Winehouse is reportedly seeking help and dedicated one of her Grammy Awards to her husband.

Celebrity Divorce Updates for February 14, 2008

Get Set for Legal Showdown: Mills and McCartney Go to Court

Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills are set to appear in a London High Court this week. Mills, who will reportedly be representing herself, is expected to request the U.S. equivalent of more than $100 million in financial support from McCartney, a reported billionaire. Mills will also be questioning McCartney about their four-year marriage during the trial, which is expected to last five days. Stay tuned!

Paul McCartney Blasts Health, Divorce Rumors on Website

Sir Paul McCartney has fired back at the rumors that the stress of his divorce caused him to have a secret angioplasty surgery. McCartney wrote on his website, "There's been a lot of stuff in the newspapers over the past few months and as most of it is completely inaccurate, I have not bothered to deny any of it.

There is one report though, that is causing concern amongst many friends of mine...People are ringing and texting me saying "are you ok?" and I hadn't seen the report so I was puzzled by so many enquiries about my health. So I think it's a good time to put this rumour to rest." McCartney said he merely had tests, not surgery, then added, "I'm happy to say I feel great and....I have been secretly enjoying all the sympathy I've been getting."

Documents Released in Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Divorce

Tabloids are reporting that financial documents were released to reveal that Britney Spears earned more in one month than Kevin Federline earned in all of 2006. According to court documents, Spears earns more than $700k per month, while Federline earned just more than $500k last year. Papers also revealed that Spears pays $15,000 in child support monthly to Federline and will continue to do so until the couple's two children are eighteen.

Heather Mills' Flack Quits Over Mills' Media Interviews

The spokesperson Heather Mills hired to assist her with good press during her divorce has quit on her. Reuters news service has reported that Public Relations guru Phil Hall dumped Mills after she went on British and American television shows and reportedly bashed soon-to-be ex-husband Sir Paul McCartney. With rumors of Mills nearing a breakdown, Hall criticized Mills' decision to go negative on her hubby. "It was definitely the wrong thing to do," Hall reportedly told Reuters, "I'm very sad about it." In a tearful television appearance, Mills said, "I've been close to suicide…I've had worse threats than a pedophile or a murderer and I've done nothing but charity for 20 years." Mills also complained that she's been called a "gold-digger" and a "whore." Mills also reportedly claimed that she initially told McCartney she wanted no money in exchange for her security, but did not get it and is now in debt for millions.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for January 25, 2008

Paul McCartney Reportedly Ready to Settle with Ex Heather Mills

The Daily Mail has reported that Sir Paul McCartney is ready to come to a financial agreement with ex-wife Heather Mills. The tabloid reported that Mills had planned a "blitzkrieg-style"assault on McCartney and had planned to represent herself in court next month at a hearing. Mills had appeared on American television months ago, alternately raging and crying over the divorce, then reportedly threatened to move to the U.S. with the couple's daughter. McCartney and Mills reportedly spoke by telephone recently, and a member of his legal team reportedly told the Daily Mail, "Paul's ready to talk." Media reports have consistently reported that either Mills or McCartney was ready to come to an agreement, however, neither party has been willing to agree to the other's terms since their split two years ago. They were married for four years and have one child together.

Britney's Pap Pal Adnan Ghalib in Divorce Court

The wife of paparazzo Adnan Ghalib, who rose to fame as the rumored new boyfriend of Britney Spears, has filed for divorce. Azlynn Berry and Ghalib were married in 2003 and separated January 18, according to court documents. They have no children together. Spears has reportedly already moved on from Ghalib, after rumors that he was attempting to sell photos and a story about her for $2 million. Ghalib denies the rumors.

Donna D'Errico to Write Book About Life with Rocker Nikki Sixx

Internet sources have reported that Donna D'Errico, recently divorced from Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, is allegedly writing a memoir about life with the rocker and will publish letters she received from him while he was in rehab. The book will contain information about the couple's marriage and her work as an actress on the television show "Baywatch." Sixx and D'Errico were divorced in June of last year and reached a financial settlement last November.

Britney Spears' Attorneys Withdraw Petition to Dump Her Case

Trope & Trope, the legal team handling Britney Spears' divorce from ex Kevin Federline, has withdrawn their petition to the Los Angeles Superior Court to represent Spears. A spokesperson for the law firm had previously described "a breakdown in communications "that made representing Spears "impossible." The law firm has now confirmed that they will be staying on the case. Spears is currently unable to see her children because of a temporary restraining order against her has removed all visitation rights.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for January 18, 2008

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Still at Odds over Divorce, Daughter

The bizarre rumors surrounding the divorce of former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney and estranged former model wife Heather Mills continue. Latest news reports say Mills has threatened to move to the United States with daughter Beatrice, 4, as a move to get McCartney to agree to financial terms. Meanwhile, McCartney reportedly underwent angioplasty surgery with actress Rosanna Arquette supposedly nursing him back to health. Nobody is quite sure where truth lies, as both sides have been leaking unflattering stories about the other in British tabloids since the couple filed for divorce last year. Here's what we do know: the couple is scheduled to attend another court hearing in February.

Britney's Latest Meltdown Leads to Continued Custody Loss

A Los Angeles Superior Court has upheld the temporary full custody order it awarded to Kevin Federline over his two children with pop star Britney Spears. Spears failed to show at the last custody hearing, reportedly because she was surrounded by paparazzi outside the courthouse. Meanwhile, the tabloids are in a furor, reporting rumors about the weird "gurney" incident in which Spears was taken from her home on a stretcher and admitted to a nearby hospital after refusing to surrender her children to Federline's bodyguard. Federline's attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan said, "This is a grave situation for all," and added that Federline's hope for the future is that he would be able "to parent the children with the participation of their mother." Spears is not allowed to see her children until further notice. Another hearing has been scheduled for February 19.

Kevin Federline Speaks Out About Divorce in Interview Magazine

Kevin Federline, ex-husband of pop star Britney Spears, reportedly told Interview magazine that he has no regrets about his life or his divorce from the Spears. "I never will regret anything that's ever happened in my life. Never. No matter what. ... Not to say that I like having the paparazzi around or that I like having my life in the media. But as much as I try to be mad at it, I can't be. I just can't. I'll never be. I've been upset at it before." Federline, who earned a reported $7k last year, is getting around $20k per month from his ex-wife for spousal and child support.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for January 3, 2008

Heather Mills May Sell Home to Pay Divorce Bills

The Sunday Mirror has reported that Heather Mills may need to sell the nine bedroom house that estranged husband Sir Paul McCartney bought her as a gift. The twist? She may need to sell it to pay legal bills from the couple's divorce. The one-legged former model has reportedly claimed that her mounting debts may leave her no choice but to sell the sprawling $6.5 million home. A source told the tabloid that the relationship between Mills and her former attorneys has "broken down so badly" that she fears they will soon sue her for the $4 million they claim to be owed for legal bills. Meanwhile, if McCartney and Mills have settled their financial disputes, nobody's talking about it.

Britney Spears to be Deposed in Divorce from Kevin Federline

Perhaps the second time might be the charm for Britney Spears and her ex-husband's attorneys. Spears missed the first child custody deposition that ex-husband Kevin Federline and his lawyers had scheduled last month, and now Spears is scheduled to be deposed again. The date has not been publicly announced. Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has announced that he will request court action against Spears for her December no-show. "It's not fourth grade where you get a doctor's note and it's all okay," Kaplan told People magazine. Spears and Federline, now divorced, have been embroiled in a bitter child custody case over their two children.

Marie Osmond's Son Challenges Her about Divorce in TV Interview

Singer Marie Osmond was challenged in an interview on the TV show "Extra" by her own son, Steve. The 20-year-old asked his mother outright why she chose to divorce husband Brian Blosil after 20 years of marriage. Osmond reportedly told her son, "I don't believe divorce is the solution for an unhappy marriage, but I do think sometimes it's the answer. When asked questions like, 'Am I being the best person I can be? Am I being the best mother I can be?' And in those situations, I think it's the right choice if that answers your question." Steve didn't follow-up on the answer from Mom Marie.

Britney Spears Misses Deposition with Kevin Federline's Attorneys

Troubled singer Britney Spears called in sick to her court-ordered deposition with ex-husband Kevin Federline's attorneys. Spears's testimony was expected to last no more than one day. Federline's attorneys have already deposed several employees and friends of Spears to determine her fitness as a parent in the child custody case. In October, Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, has complained to the court that Spears had already evaded a deposition four times.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for December 21, 2007

Marie Osmond on Divorce: "My Life Is Just Beginning"

Contactmusic has reported that Marie Osmond, who is divorcing second husband Brian Blosil, has told Ladies Home Journal that she still believes in marriage, confiding, "I am so not over men!" Osmond, a 48-year old Mormon, also joked that she had thought about starting a dating service for people who have more than eight children. "And then I was like, "Oh, look! I'm the only member!"

Marvin Gaye's Divorce Album to be Reissued

When Marvin Gaye divorced his wife of 13 years, part of the financial terms were to reportedly hand over all royalties from his next album to the ex. Gaye did, in a move that sparked urban legends, and even called the album "Here, My Dear." It didn't help that Gaye's ex-wife was Motown music legend Berry Gordy's sister, Anna Ruby Gordy. Now, according to Billboard and Reuters news service, that album is set to be reissued. Urban legends have claimed that Gaye deliberately sabotaged the album, hoping to create a flop. News reports did not specify who would get royalties from the late singer's re-mastered album.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for December 14, 2007

Paul McCartney Photographed with Rosanna Arquette: Heather Mills Flips Out

That nameless New York social maven that Sir Paul McCartney had lunch with is out, and the woman who inspired the song "Rosanna" is in. Tongues are wagging on two continents about photographs of Sir Paul McCartney and actress Rosanna Arquette spending time together in London. Meanwhile, McCartney's bitter ex, Heather Mills, reportedly fumed over the photos, allegedly calling Arquette a "Z-lister." Mills and McCartney are still embroiled in a bitter divorce battle after a four year marriage. Nude photos of Mills have reportedly surfaced on the Internet, causing the couple to further argue over custody and financial arrangements for their daughter Beatrice. Before the photos surfaced, Mills ranted on television shows about the couple's marriage. This couple may never get divorced.

Gas Station: Britney Stole My Lighter

Does the girl STILL not have a driver? A gas station attendant in Sherman Oaks, California has claimed that Britney Spears lifted a cigarette lighter from his Chevron station without paying the $1.39. Jatinder Kaur reportedly told People magazine: "I'm not planning to file a police report. It's not right for her to steal the lighter. I hope she will do the right thing next time she comes here." According to the magazine, Spears did pay for the chewing gum she took. When asked about the incident, Spears reportedly said: "I stole something. Oh, I'm bad!"

Rocker Carlos Santana and Wife Deborah to Divorce after 34 Years

Rock legend Carlos Santana and his wife Deborah may be heading for divorce court. Deborah Santana reportedly filed for divorce in a Marin County Superior Court after 34 years of marriage to husband Carlos Santana. Deborah Santana cited irreconcilable differences in court documents. A publicist for the rocker said the matter is "private" and offered no comment.

Country Singer Lorrie Morgan Files for Divorce from Sammy Kershaw

Country singer Lorrie Morgan has filed for divorce from husband Sammy Kershaw in a Sumner County Chancery Court. Morgan cited irreconcilable differences in court records and motioned the court to enforce a 2001 pre-nuptial agreement. The couple has been married for six years. Both have been married three other times.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for October 25, 2007

Britney Spears Gets Overnight Visits with Children

Pop star Britney Spears made a surprise appearance in court on October 11 and was granted modified visitation rules that allow her to keep her two children overnight with her once a week. Spears was denied overnight visitation previously. Ex-husband Kevin Federline's attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, told media sources that Federline had agreed to the visits. Spears and Federline were married for three years and divorced in July. Both will appear in court on October 26th for a status hearing on their child custody decisions.

Jermaine Jackson's Wife Asks for More Money

Alejandra Jackson, the estranged wife of Jermaine Jackson, has filed court documents recently stating that her net worth is a negative $198 per month and her income is only $81 per month. Alejandra has asked former "Jackson Five" star and estranged husband Jermaine Jackson to cough up nearly $12,000 monthly to pay for their two children. Alejandra currently lives with Jermaine's mother, Katherine Jackson, and claims to earn only $15 per hour as a personal assistant. Jermaine, on the other hand, lives with girlfriend Halima Rashid and claims that he, too, is broke. "I do not have any income from which to pay support," he stated in a court declaration. The couple was married in 1995 and split in 2004. They have two children together. Alejandra also has two children from a prior relationship with Jermaine's brother, Randy Jackson. The "Jackson Five" sold millions of records in the 1970s, with multiple hits that topped the American charts.

No Leaks (Yet) On McCartney Settlement Meeting

The most acrimonious divorce case of the year, which included nasty information leaks from both sides, is eerily quiet. Neither a relative nor a PR flack can be found to speak anonymously on how recent divorce settlement meetings went between Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills. A closed-door session with a London court judge concluded, with both sides unusually tight-lipped on the outcome. Though widespread rumors have frequently reported figures for Mills' take between $60 million and $100 million, nothing can be confirmed. The couple arrived separately and left separately, without comment to waiting photographers and reporters. The couple separated in 2006.

Rumors: Amy Winehouse Close to Divorce

411mania has reported rumors that "Rehab" singer Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder-Civil have been fighting in public and that their marriage is "hanging by a thread." Even Winehouse's own father has jumped in with comments about the marriage, speaking out against Fielder-Civil. "Blake is a bad influence on [Amy] and I no longer toe the line and pretend he isn't," Winehouse's father Mitch told the Daily Star Sunday. "Amy is responsible for her own actions but until he came along, she was staunchly against hard drugs…I don't care about his health at all." Winehouse and Fielder-Civil reportedly had a very public argument at a party, reportedly over supermodel Lily Cole, with whom Fielder-Civil was seen chatting at the party. An unnamed source said, "People were just standing there open-mouthed. Their marriage is hanging by a thread." Winehouse and her husband were married in May of this year.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for October 9, 2007

Kid Rock Says He Divorced Pam Anderson over His Son

Music man Kid Rock, whose real name is Bob Ritchie, reportedly has spoken out about why he divorced bombshell actress Pam Anderson. According to Ritchie, Anderson criticized his mother and sister in front of his son, Robert Ritchie, Jr. "She would talk down about my mother and about my sister - two people who were very instrumental in raising my son with me," said Ritchie. Ritchie has also claimed that there were issues with pre-nuptial agreements and that Anderson had lied to him, though he didn't specify what she had lied about.

Britney Spears Reunites With Mom Lynne after Losing Custody

Within days of temporarily losing custody of her two children, fallen pop star Britney Spears reunited with estranged mom Lynne Spears. "Brit really needed her mom," a source reportedly told PEOPLE magazine. "So Lynne flew out and they met." Spears had shown public displeasure with her mother by serving her with legal papers barring Lynne from contact with Spears' children. Now that Spears has limited contact with her children, she's reconciled with her mother. Court documents require Spears to have only "supervised" visitation with her children and that visitation shall be terminated "immediately" if any conduct by Spears would endanger her children. Spears must also undergo counseling sessions and twice-weekly random drug and alcohol testing. Spears is set to appear in divorce court again on October 26.

Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney to Meet About Money

The London Times has reported that Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills will reportedly meet before a London High Court Judge to try to agree to divorce terms. The media reported last month that the couple settled their financial differences in a private meeting with their divorce attorneys, however, a judge would need to agree to the terms. The bitterly-divorced duo will appear with the divorce attorneys at a private one-day hearing to avoid a public trial. Widespread media reports have stated that Mills will get a lump sum plus annual payments for care of the couple's daughter Beatrice, with estimates ranging from $30-80 million. If the couple can not agree to financial terms, a judge will decide the amount.

Sara Evans Agrees to Craig Schelske's Divorce Demands

Country crooner Sara Evans has reportedly agreed to all of the divorce terms that her ex-husband Craig Schelske has asked for as a means to avoid a public divorce trial. The couple was divorced in September in a Williamson County, Tennessee divorce court but financial terms were not agreed upon until recently. Schelske reportedly accused Evans of having affairs with 10 men, in a 118 page document filed with the court. According to the National Enquirer, when Evans learned that she might have to testify about possible affairs with Richard Marx, Kenny Chesney, and her former "Dancing with the Stars" partner Tony Dovolani, Evans agreed to Schelske's settlement terms. Schelske has asked for an undisclosed financial settlement, joint custody of their children, and an even split of remaining finances.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for October 2, 2007

Sara Evans Finalizes Divorce from Husband Craig Schelske

Country music's nastiest divorce of the year has been finalized. Sarah Evans' divorce from manager Craig Schelske is now official. Evans filed for divorce a year ago, claiming abuse and infidelity with the couple's nanny. Schelske accused Evans of cheating on him 11 times, including a fling with Evans' "Dancing with the Stars" partner, Kenny Chesney. According to court documents, Evans will keep the Nashville home and pay $600,000 in alimony to Schelske. Schelske will keep two other homes. Permanent custody of the couple's children has not been determined.

Ex-Bodyguard: Britney Spears Uses Drugs

The Associated Press has reported that the former bodyguard of Britney Spears has claimed that he saw Spears use drugs on the night she returned from rehab. Tony Baretto, who worked for Spears but was reportedly fired after only two months, told NBC's "Today" show that he saw Spears use drugs at a nightclub at least twice. He did not mention what type of drugs he saw her use. Spears just lost custody of her children to ex-husband Kevin Federline, who had issued court subpoenas to a number of Spears' associates, purportedly to determine whether Spears is fit to be custodial parent of the couple's two children.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for September 25, 2007

Lawyers and Managers Drop Britney Spears

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Britney Spears' talent manager and divorce attorney have both dumped the erratic diva, shortly after her disappointing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards. Jeff Kwatinetz, Spears' talent manager and CEO of the talent company called The Firm, said in a press release that "circumstances have prevented us from doing our job." The Firm had represented Spears for less than six weeks. Meanwhile, Spears' divorce attorney has also terminated the relationship. Marci Levine is reportedly Spears' new counsel.

Britney Spears to Undergo Drug and Alcohol Testing in Custody Case

The Associated Press has reported that Britney Spears will undergo random drug and alcohol testing twice a week. A Los Angeles Superior Court judge has ordered Spears to be tested twice weekly, based on evidence of "habitual, frequent, and continuous use of controlled substances and alcohol," according to judge Scott Gordon. He also ordered both Spears and Federline to refrain from use of alcohol and drugs at least 12 hours before visitation with their two children. Spears and Federline married in 2004 and divorced last July.

Britney Thumbs Nose at Ordered Drug Tests

People magazine has reported that Britney Spears was spotted partying with singer Avril Lavigne at Hyde Lounge and Winston's nightclub, both in West Hollywood, California. Spears was ordered in a custody hearing to not ingest alcohol or controlled substances and will be required to take drug tests twice a week. Spears was also reportedly dancing on tables. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon ordered Spears and ex-husband Kevin Federline to refrain from ingesting drugs or alcohol 12 hours before visitation with the couple's children.

Lindsay Lohan Named in Rock Star Tony Allen's Divorce Papers

Actress and rehabber Lindsay Lohan has been named in the divorce of rock star Tony Allen of the band Dead Stays Alive. Lohan and Allen were reportedly both patients at the rehab center known as Cirque Lodge Clinic in Utah. Stephanie Allen, Tony's wife, has since filed for divorce, claiming infidelity with Lohan while the pair was in rehab, according to News of the World. Tony Allen has reportedly denied a romantic relationship with Lohan. Addiction experts typically discourage new romantic relationships for addicts during the first three years of sobriety.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for September 18, 2007

Clueless Britney Flashes the Paps Again

"Gimme More" Singer Gives 'Em More After the MTV Video Music Awards After the MTV Video Music Awards, Britney Spears reportedly gave paparazzi a lot more than they probably wanted to see. Spears reportedly exposed her pantyless, not-so-private parts again to World Entertainment News Network photographers. At the MTV awards show, Spears sang her new song "Gimme More" in a too-tight bikini outfit and received not-so-hot reviews. The performance was Spears' first in four years, though the pop singer has made world headlines numerous times since filing for divorce from rapper husband Kevin Federline. News reports have claimed that Federline has used Spears' erratic behavior as leverage to re-negotiate financial agreements in the divorce. Federline will now reportedly receive $20,000 per month for life from Spears unless he remarries.

Spears Attorney Requests Sealed Divorce Records

City News Service has reported that Britney Spears' divorce attorney Laura Wasser has reportedly requested that a Los Angeles Superior Court Judge seal the divorce records of Britney Spears and rapper Kevin Federline, saying that, "No one could have contemplated the plethora of media activity." Although Spears has reportedly settled financial terms with Federline, the couple is still battling over custody of their two children.

Bobby Brown Fights for Custody of Daughter from Whitney Houston

People magazine has reported that singer Bobby Brown has filed a motion in Orange County, California seeking legal and physical custody of his 14-year old daughter. Ex-wife Whitney Houston obtained full custody of their daughter last month. Brown reportedly told the magazine, "I just miss my daughter." A judge will hear from both sides on October 22.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for September 12, 2007

Sara Evans' Husband Has More Than A Dozen Questions

Country music star Sara Evans is in the midst of a divorce from her husband, Craig Schelske and he has just opened a can of worms!

Schelske has filed a 118-page document with the court asking Evans to testify under oath whether or not she had sexual affairs or relationships with more than a dozen men. The men Schelske alleges that Evans may have been intimate with during their marriage include fellow country singer Kenny Chesney, Richard Marx, her former "Dancing With The Stars" dance parter, Tony Dovolani and all the members of the band Three Doors Down!

The Evans-Schelske divorce began last year when the couple allegedly had a very public fight in a restaurant in Los Angeles. Evans filed for divorce shortly thereafter and alleges that she found hundreds of pictures on Schelske's computer that didn't make her too happy. The pictures were allegedly of him nude, engaged in sexual acts with other women. Evans' divorce petition also alleges that Schelske had an affair with the family's nanny.

Secret Witness In Spears-Federline Custody Battle

Power attorney Gloria Allred represents a "secret witness" for Kevin Federline in the child custody battle between he and ex-wife Britney Spears. Judge Scott Gordon has ruled this week that the secret witness stuff just won't fly. The parties may be celebrities, but this is real court! He said that the witness will have to be identified, and file a written declaration in order for his testimony to even be considered for the September 17th hearing.

The secret witness in the Spears-Federline child custody battle is reportedly a man who worked with Britney Spears after her rehab stint at Promises. Attorney for Spears, Dennis Wasser, is reportedly very much against this witness being allowed to testify in the child custody case, which makes it all the more interesting to wonder what this witness may have to say. I'm sure we will hear more on this soon.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for August 28, 2007

Heather Mills: Paul Wants Her Back, Says British Tabloid

The tabloids can't make up their minds about the possibly bogus New York "vacation" that Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills supposedly spent with their daughter. The much-hyped Hamptons "holiday" had been reported in the tabloids to be less than ideal, with quick, terse meetings in which the couple exchanged their five year old, Beatrice. However, London's Daily Mail tabloid has suddenly revealed that Mills disclosed to an unnamed source that the couple has "buried the hatchet" and that McCartney "apologized" to Mills. The unnamed source, who sounds suspiciously like a friend or relative of Mills, was quoted in the Daily Mail as saying that Mills had said, "I know it sounds incredible, but I think [Paul] wants me back." The couple reportedly spent the "holiday" not only in separate residences, but in separate towns, and met up only to hand over their daughter, Beatrice. However, the Daily Mail's source said the couple is "much friendlier now" and "Paul can't ignore that Heather's a fantastic mum." McCartney and Mills have reportedly reached a financial settlement after much mud-slinging in the tabloids.

70s Rocker Suzi Quattro: "Divorce Freed Me"

Suzi Quattro, the 1970s rocker who once released an album called "Your Mama Won't Like Me," has reportedly spoken out that her divorce "freed" her to do other things. An unnamed rock tabloid reported Quattro as saying: "I had to find myself, not as somebody's wife. I'm more satisfied now. Divorce freed me." Quattro said that she was free to write and act in musicals after her divorce. She recently wrote a book called Unzipped, in which she detailed her wilder days as a rock star, including brawls in her dressing room, playing guitar with a broken arm, and blowing off an invitation from Elvis to visit his Graceland home.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for August 21, 2007

Kevin Federline Goes on Subpoena Blitz in Divorce from Britney Spears

Although the couple is now reportedly divorced and their original agreement included a joint custody agreement, Britney Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline has recently filed for primary physical custody of the couple's children and been serving up a storm of subpoenas against his ex-wife. Federline served Spears' assistant/cousin Alli Sims with a subpoena to testify in court about Spears' parenting skills. Sims and Spears were reportedly brought to tears after being served. Federline also served subpoenas to Promises, the rehab that Spears had entered and re-entered earlier this year, as well as Spears' bodyguard Daimon Shippen and another unnamed assistant. According to multiple tabloid rumors, Federline wants to prove in court that Spears drinks in front of the children, walks around her home nude, and is a "risk" to the couple's boys. Spears and Federline reportedly signed a divorce settlement in late July that included a joint custody agreement. Mark Vincent Kaplan, Federline's divorce attorney, reportedly told E! Online that the latest filing "has nothing to do with money." The couple was rumored to be planning a vacation to "celebrate" their divorce but is now reportedly not speaking, according to TMZ.

Allure Magazine Speaks Out on Britney Spears' Weird Photo Shoot

Allure magazine has spoken out about the rumors that Britney Spears acted erratically when scheduled to appear on the cover of its September issue. Allure Editor in Chief Linda Wells has specifically spoken about what reportedly happened. According to Wells, Spears showed up for a cover photo shoot "on time and ready to work" and was "entirely unselfconscious" and "agreeable and cooperative" during the photo shoot, removing her wig and stripping down to the waist for hair and makeup. However, Wells said, the magazine was unable to interview the pop star. "She missed four appointments for an interview," said Wells, and the reporter's cover story interview turned into a first person account of her frustration about being unable to interview Spears. Spears' behavior has made world headlines since she filed from divorce from husband Kevin Federline, who recently filed for primary custody of the couple's two children.

Britney Spears' Divorce Attorney Reportedly Wants Out

TMZ has reported that Britney Spears' divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, wants to resign as Spears' attorney. Tabloid sources have reported that Spears left Wasser's office "in tears" after being told that her divorce attorney wanted to move on to other divorce cases. Wasser helped Spears reach a divorce agreement with Spears' ex-husband Kevin Federline last month. Wasser did not return calls to TMZ.

Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown Celebrate Whitney's Birthday

Not long after their divorce was finalized, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were spotted at a chain seafood restaurant reportedly celebrating Houston's birthday. TMZ and other tabloids have reported that the couple, looking slightly disheveled, were spotted at a Joe's Crab Shack restaurant. Tabloids have reported that Brown asked Houston to reconcile but she "laughed" at the suggestion. Houston turned 44 recently.

Heather Mills and Sir Paul McCartney's "Vacation" a Farce

The supposed "holiday" to the New York Hamptons that Sir Paul McCartney and estranged wife Heather Mills were reportedly spending together has been an apparent publicity spin. Although a source did mention that the planned joint holiday would not be "traditional" because there was still "tension" between the pair, the New York Post has reported that the couple has barely spoken and has only spent minimal time together to trade off custody of their daughter, Beatrice. McCartney has been spotted sailing on his Sunfish boat Linda while Mills has been spotted shopping and partying until early hours of the morning. The pair is staying in separate residences. Mills has rented a home while McCartney is staying at the home he purchased with late wife Linda McCartney.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for August 14, 2007

J. Lo Settles Lawsuit Against Ex Husband

The Los Angeles Times has reported that Jennifer Lopez has been awarded more than $500,000 in a lawsuit against her first husband, Ojani Noa, for his plans to publish a tell-all book about Lopez and their marriage. Lopez had filed suit against Noa in April, claiming his book plans breached an agreement to not disparage her in public or reveal private details about their relationship. Lopez claims in the lawsuit that Noa offered to not publish the book in exchange for $5 million. The former couple signed an arbitration agreement in which Noa is permanently barred from disparaging Lopez, and will pay her $545,000 and surrender papers from the book he wrote that reportedly claimed Lopez had multiple affairs during their marriage. The couple was married for less than one year.

Paul McCartney and Heather Mills Reportedly Vacationing Together

As reportedly planned, Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills have put aside their divorce differences to vacation in the Hamptons with their three-year-old daughter. According to media reports, the couple was spotted working out in separate health clubs after their arrival to the upscale resort area in Long Island, New York. The New York Daily News reported that one source said of the vacation, "It won't be a conventional family holiday. There's still tension." McCartney reportedly agreed to pay Mills $100 million as part of their divorce settlement. The couple was married for four years.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for August 7, 2007

Britney Spears Reportedly Planning Disney Getaway with Kevin Federline to Celebrate Divorce

If Shanna Moakler immortalized the "Divorce Party," then perhaps Britney Spears is starting a new trend - a vacation with ex-husband Kevin Federline to celebrate their recently-finalized divorce. The pop singer and rapper husband reportedly plan to take their two children to Disney World together to celebrate their split. Spears' divorce attorney, Laura Wasser, has said, "The divorce is final. Britney would like to be with the kids more. She said that. She thinks Kevin would like that, too." Federline has been rumored to be making arrangements to get sole custody of their children if Spears continues erratic behavior that has made headlines around the world, including public intoxication, outbursts against the press and shaving her head. According to tabloid sources, the trip to Disney is reportedly an "opportunity to show Kevin that she is a good parent." The couple will appear in divorce court on August 14 for a custody hearing.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for August 2, 2007

Britney Spears and Kevin Federline Finalize Divorce

Reuters news service has reported that pop singer Britney Spears has finalized divorce plans with rapper husband Kevin Federline. The couple reportedly agreed to share custody of their two children, despite rumors that Federline would seek sole custody because of Spears' headline-making bizarre antics, including several rounds of rehab. Terms of the divorce deal will be sealed, according to Spears's lawyer; however, media reports have said that Federline will reportedly get $35,000 per month in child support and spousal support. The couple was married for two years and have two children together.

Nick Lachey Comments on Divorce from Jessica Simpson

BANG Media International has reported that Nick Lachey has said that his divorce from wife and former "Newlyweds" co-star Jessica Simpson was the "best thing that could have happened" to him. The couple split in 2005 after three years of marriage. Lachey said, "It was a tough thing to go through. It's good to move on and I think I've done that - you have to let it go. I learned a lot of valuable lessons. Now I'm extremely happy with where my life is going and my new relationship." Lachey has been dating Vanessa Minillo, while Simpson has been romantically linked with singer John Mayer and others.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for July 27, 2007

Britney Spears Has another Reported Breakdown

OK! Magazine has reported that perplexing pop tart Britney Spears skipped out on a photo shoot after exhibiting bizarre antics. Spears's behavior has been making tabloid headlines since her split with husband Kevin Federline, who is rumored to be preparing a motion for sole custody of the couple's two children. According to OK! Magazine, Spears was 45 minutes late, ruined two couture gowns, became 'disoriented' after spending time in a locked bathroom with an assistant, and created hair and makeup havoc with the staff. After two hours, Spears reportedly left the photo shoot without having taken any photos, and taking with her nearly $6k in merchandise. Spears was also photographed recently swimming in her underwear and was criticized for taking her two sons on a boat without life jackets. Husband Kevin Federline is rumored to be working with Spears's family to get the pop star help and to get sole custody of their children.

Post Chronicle Reports that McCartney and Mills Have Settled Divorce Terms

The Post Chronicle and other media sources are reporting that former Beatle and rock legend Sir Paul McCartney has agreed to pay estranged wife Heather Mills an estimated $100 million as part of a final divorce settlement. As part of the agreement, Mills will not receive any of McCartney's property. Mills will receive an initial lump sum payment and a reported $5 million in child support per year until the couple's daughter, Beatrice, turns 18. The couple was married for four years, or $25 million per year.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for July 20, 2007

Heather Mills Reportedly in Talks with UK Show "Dancing on Ice"

The London Sun has reported that Heather Mills, estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, is now in talks with the UK television show, "Dancing on Ice." Mills was able to garner positive publicity with her appearance on the U.S. show, "Dancing with the Stars," and the Sun has reported that she is considering the British show to help her with bad press since her divorce proceedings began. McCartney and Mills have had a much-publicized and bitter divorce but have now reportedly come to a truce for the sake of their daughter Beatrice, who is three years old.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for July 10, 2007

K-Fed Reportedly Refuses to Sign Divorce Papers

Perplexing pop tart Britney Spears can't seem to get divorced. Her estranged husband Kevin Federline is now reportedly refusing to sign their divorce papers until the singer stops partying, according to the E! television network. Tabloids had reported not long ago that Spears and Federline had reached a financial agreement in the divorce after Spears completed rehab. However, Federline is reportedly now refusing to sign papers until Spears gets help again, and also seeking to revise the divorce settlement regarding custody of their two boys. Spears' bizarre antics have made headlines around the world since she filed for divorce from Federline last November. Recently, she filed a restraining order against her mother Lynne.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for July 6, 2007

Britney Spears Says Umbrella Incident was "Research"

"Toxic" pop star Britney Spears has claimed that an earlier umbrella incident that made worldwide headlines was merely "research" for a movie role. Spears, who is divorcing rapper husband Kevin Federline, reportedly told gossip website X17online, "I was preparing a character for a possible movie role where the husband doesn't play his part, so they swap places. Unfortunately, I didn't get the part. I'm sorry I got carried away with my role." Spears reportedly flew into a rage and attacked a car and a photographer with an umbrella after she drove to estranged husband Kevin Federline's home but was turned away. Spears' erratic behavior since splitting with Federline has made headlines. Most recently, Spears issued a restraining order against her mother, Lynne.

Heather Mills and Paul McCartney to Live Near Each Other

Heather Mills, estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, is reportedly looking to purchase a home within a few miles of her almost-former husband. London's The Mirror has reported that the pair have agreed to end their bitter public battles, and that living near each other would be best for their 3-year old daughter. A source reportedly told The Mirror: "Six months ago, this would have been inconceivable. But they think it will be best for Bea to have both parents close in case she needs them."

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for June 26, 2007

Paul McCartney Says His New CD Has Love Song for Heather

Sir Paul McCartney, 65, has told reporters that the song "See Your Sunshine" was a love song he wrote for estranged wife Heather Mills. The former Beatle has reportedly said that he wrote the song, featured on his "Memory Almost Full" CD, while the couple was still together. The London Mirror tabloid quoted McCartney as saying, "That is pretty much an out-and-out love song for Heather. A lot of the album was done before, during and after our separation." McCartney also said, "I'm not a great grudge-holder. It's just unfortunate it didn't work out." The couple is divorcing after four years of marriage and has made world headlines over their bitter and public battle over custody of their daughter, Beatrice.

Country Star Sara Evans Seeks Divorce Trial Date

Country singer Sara Evans has filed papers in Franklin, Tennessee to set a date for her divorce trial from husband Craig Schelske. In the documents, Evans accused Schelske of refusing to be bound by the terms of a mediation agreement that the couple had made in May. The couple split in October of last year after 13 years of marriage and made headlines when they accused each other of having affairs.

Brit Rapper MC Harvey Says He'll Wed When Divorce is Final

British rapper Michael Junior "MC" Harvey has said that he will marry reality TV star Javine Hylton after his divorce from pop star Alesha Dixon is finalized. Harvey and Dixon separated last November, amid rumors that Harvey was having an affair with Hylton. The couple was married in 2005.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for June 22, 2007

Paul McCartney Turns 65 Without Wife Heather Mills

Former Beatle and rock megastar Sir Paul McCartney turned 65 without the company of his estranged wife Heather Mills but was surrounded by celebrities and family. Rumors had been flying in British tabloid newspapers that Mills would accompany McCartney to his fete, but a McCartney spokesperson quickly quashed the rumors last week. The couple has been feuding over custody of their daughter Beatrice but reportedly been on better terms. McCartney reportedly did not invite Mills because her presence would have allegedly caused tension at the party, according to newspaper reports. The couple was married for four years.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for June 19, 2007

Heather Mills Uninvited to Paul McCartney's 65th Birthday Party

Sir Paul McCartney has reportedly straightened out estranged wife Heather Mills, who reportedly had planned to attend McCartney's 65th birthday party, allegedly telling her that she would not be welcome if she tried to attend. Mills' representatives reportedly had issued statements saying the couple had made a truce and that Mills would be celebrating McCartney's birthday with him. McCartney's representatives reportedly deny the reports and have asked Mills to stay home, according to several British tabloids. McCartney and Mills have been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle since last year, and Forbes magazine listed their split in the Top 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Divorce. McCartney will reportedly write a check to Mills for more than $60 million as part of their divorce settlement. The couple was married for four years.

Grammy Winner Jill Scott Divorcing Husband Lyzel Williams

News reports have detailed that Grammy winning song artist Jill Scott is divorcing DJ husband Lyzel Williams. The couple dated for seven years before they married in a Hawaiian ceremony in 2001.

British Tabloids Say Britney Spears Wants Kevin Federline Back

Pop Star Britney Spears wants to rekindle her relationship with Kevin Federline, according to reports in the British tabloid, News of the World. Spears reportedly spent two nights with Federline recently, according to the newspaper. Spears and Federline split last year and reached a financial agreement after Spears underwent rehab treatment. The couple has denied reports of reconciliations in the past.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for June 1, 2007

Britney Spears Calls Rehab "Rock Bottom" in Letter to Fans

Pop Star Britney Spears posted a letter to fans on her website in which she said going to rehab was "truly rock bottom" for her, and also said, "I confess, I was so lost," to describe her split from husband Kevin Federline. "I realized how much energy and love I had put into my past relationship when it was gone, because I genuinely did not know what to do with myself, and it made me so sad," she said. Speasr also claimed that she thought it was "normal for a young girl to go out after a huge divorce," and expressed resentment towards friends and family members. "I feel like they knew I was beginning to use my brain for a change and cut some ties, so they wanted to be in more control of my life than me," Spears said, "Being in that vulnerable state and taken to dinners and parties with friends and finding out later [I] paid for everything was a huge learning lesson for me." Spears and Federline reportedly reached a divorce settlement after she completed rehab. Spears made headlines after being photographed partying frequently, reportedly borrowing a stripper's bikini at a nightclub, shaving her head, and beating her umbrella against a car, among other stories. Federline and Spears were married for two years and have two children together.

Does Reality TV Spell Divorce?

Enrique Iglesias Sparks Anna Kournikova Marriage, Divorce Rumors

Though the couple was likely never married, singer Enrique Iglesias and tennis pro Anna Kournikova were rumored to be "divorced" after Iglesias jokingly told a Swedish newspaper, "We're divorced. I am single now, but that's okay. I don't mind being alone." A representative for the couple confirmed that they are "still together" but were never married and never divorced. The couple has been together for five years. In 2004, the couple was rumored to have married in a secret ceremony in Mexico, however, representatives for the pair said that it was not true.

Radio 2DJ Chris Evans and Actress Billie Piper to Divorce

Radio 2DJ Chris Evans has filed for divorce from actress Billie Piper. Rumors in British tabloids have speculated that Evans filed for divorce in a British High Court because he wants to marry professional golfer Natasha Shishmanian, with whom he was rumored to be involved with for the past nine months. Piper reportedly will not file for any part of Evans' reported $40 million net worth. The couple wed six years ago in Las Vegas, Nevada and separated in 2004.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for May 29, 2007

Paul McCartney Says Linda and Heather Would Have Been Friends

The Guardian newspaper has reported that Paul McCartney has said that his late wife Linda McCartney would have been friends with his estranged wife, Heather Mills. "I know they'd like each other because they have a lot of things in common.a toughness of spirit. No person would ever put them down. Put them down at your own risk," McCartney reportedly said.

Yoko Ono Has Kind Words for Heather Mills

Yoko Ono, widow of John Lennon and the woman who has been blamed for breaking up the legendary band The Beatles, has spoken out to the Mirror in favor of Paul McCartney's estranged wife, Heather Mills. Ono and McCartney have reportedly disliked each other since the 1960s, when Yoko and John Lennon became an item and the Beatles subsequently broke up. Ono praised Mills for "making herself a heroine with that ballroom dancing stuff in America" and "single-handedly" changing public opinion in the U.S. and U.K. after Mills appeared on the dance show "Dancing with the Stars." McCartney and Mills have been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle since last year but recently called a "truce" for the sake of their daughter and were seen dining together in public.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for May 25, 2007

Britney Spears Snubs Hospitalized Mom Lynne Spears

Since Britney Spears filed for divorce from Kevin Federline last year, she's been giving tabloids and gossip columnists a lot to talk about. The latest is that she snubbed her own mother, who was hospitalized for pneumonia, on Mother's Day, according to The National Examiner tabloid. Spears, who was close with her mother Lynne, is now reportedly refusing to speak to her because Lynne teamed up with estranged husband Kevin Federline to convince Britney to get to rehab-and stay there. Spears' stint in rehab gave Federline the leverage he needed to allegedly get a larger financial settlement than the couple's pre-nuptial agreement had determined. Lynne Spears is now out of the hospital and recovering. Britney's behavior is reportedly worrisome to her close friends and family.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for May 22, 2007

Sir Paul McCartney Avoids Reading about His Divorce

Rock megastar Sir Paul McCartney has admitted that he does not read the news coverage of his divorce because it upsets him. "There's only one real answer to the massive press coverage - don't look," he told The Guardian. "So I don't read it." The former Beatle said his divorce has created "great struggles" in his life, and that his children have supported him through it. "In difficult moments like this, it's when a loving family shines through," he said. "I see people worse off than me, so I can put it in perspective," he said.

In a strange twist of possibly one of the most bitter divorces in recent history, Mills and McCartney were reportedly spotted having lunch together in London, according to the British tabloid News of the World. The pair is planning to spend McCartney's 65th birthday together with their daughter. Mills reportedly agreed at the lunch to not move to the United States, as McCartney had feared, and McCartney has reportedly agreed to financial terms that will satisfy Mills.

Britney Storms off Airplane, Tabloids Say

Erratic pop star Britney Spears, who is divorcing husband Kevin Federline, stormed off a packed airplane traveling from Los Angeles to Florida, reportedly because the airplane did not have leather seats, according to a News of the World tabloid report. The singer's strange antics have made headlines around the world since she filed for divorce from Kevin Federline last year. The couple reportedly reached a financial settlement after Spears completed a stint in rehab. Spears' decision to leave the plane caused a one-hour delay for the plane's passengers, according to fellow passenger Tony Sanchez, who claimed to have been on the plane with Spears. "She just said 'I don't want to fly on this plane. It hasn't got leather seats.' I heard everything but most people were left wondering what was going on, so the captain was forced to make an apology to all the other passengers."

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for May 16, 2007

Marie Osmond Discusses Divorce from Husband after 21 Years

Marie Osmond spoke out on the television show "ET" about her divorce, saying she is getting support from her family while divorcing husband Brian Blosil, to whom she was married for 21 years. The couple has eight children together. Said Osmond, "You can't say I didn't try.I don't mean to be flippant. It's not easy being a single parent, but it's what I have chosen, and it is right." Osmond admitted that she thought "long and hard" before filing for divorce, and that she and her husband have agreed to put the well-being of their children first. "It's not about who is right," she said, "It's about what is right." Of remarrying, Osmond said, "Come on, I have eight kids. What idiot is going to walk into that situation? And even if he did, I wouldn't."

Paul McCartney's Former Publicist: I don't like Heather Mills

Sir Paul McCartney's former publicist Geoff Baker, who worked for McCartney for 15 years but was fired after McCartney married Heather Mills, has said that he called McCartney after he learned of the couple's split, and they have mended the relationship. Baker told the Daily Mail that he did not get along with Heather Mills and was fired in 2004 after numerous personality differences. "Paul showed me great kindness. [Linda McCartney] was just a fabulously wonderful, perceptive and thoughtful woman," however Baker said, "I don't like Heather. She knows that. To some extent I do admire her. But I don't like her." Since being fired from his publicist position with McCartney, Baker admitted to quitting drinking and doing drugs. He is currently representing a band named Purplemelon.

Heather Mills Compares Alec Baldwin to Paul McCartney

Heather Mills, estranged wife of rock megastar Sir Paul McCartney, has compared her husband to actor Alec Baldwin, who recently made headlines when a verbally abusive voicemail to his daughter was posted on an Internet website. Mills told a Los Angeles radio show, "Alec is a close friend of Paul's and they have a lot in common. I know what fathers can do in an aggressive angry fashion towards their children because they're upset about something." She also said, "I know a lot of fathers who have spoken to their daughters like that, and I won't get specific but they do get upset." Mills stated in divorce papers that McCartney was verbally and physically abusive to her. The couple has been embroiled in a nasty divorce since last May.

Dita Von Teese Talks of Divorce from Shock Rocker Marilyn Manson

Dita Von Teese, the estranged wife of Marilyn Manson, has spoken out about the couple's marriage and divorce. After only one year of marriage but seven years together, Von Teese, 34, reportedly called Manson the "antichrist superstar," to Telegraph Magazine after reading that Manson had called their marriage a "black hole of depression" in a recent issue of the magazine "Rolling Stone." Von Teese said Manson collected Nazi uniforms, and kept in their home a stuffed baboon, and a fetus in a jar that he named Ludwig. "I basically lived with Mommie Dearest for six years," she said.

Bobby Brown Sues Whitney Houston to Change Custody Terms

Singer Bobby Brown has kept his vow to sue ex-wife Whitney Houston for changes to the custody terms that a judge ruled upon. Whitney Houston was awarded custody of the couple's 14-year old daughter, but Brown has filed court papers requesting custody changes because he was "strapped for cash [when custody was decided] and could not afford to hire a lawyer." Brown also said he was 'devastated' to lose rights to see his daughter. Brown is seeking spousal and child support in his new filing. The couple's divorce was final in late April. A court hearing has been set for June 15.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for May 4, 2007

Sir Paul McCartney Writes "Letter" to Promote New Album

Former Beatle Avoids Divorce Questions from the PressIf you're a knighted former Beatle and a purported billionaire, you needn't promote your new album with press conferences. Sir Paul McCartney has instead released a "letter" to the press. In a lengthy statement about his latest album, McCartney called his lyrics "very personal" and said he knows people will "read into it." Said the rock legend of the album's lyrics, "Inevitably, what I am thinking is going to find its way into what I'm doing." McCartney released the letter instead of promoting the album with press conferences, possibly to avoid constant questions about his heated and ongoing divorce proceedings with estranged wife Heather Mills.

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora Officially Divorced

The marriage between actress Heather Locklear and rocker Richie Sambora is officially over, according to documents that finalized the pair's split. Locklear filed for divorce from Sambora last February after 11 years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences. Custody, spousal support, and visitation issues will be decided in an upcoming judgment and will be sealed from the public.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for May 1, 2007

Paul McCartney Takes Potshots at Heather Mills on New Album

British newspapers are reporting that Sir Paul McCartney is taking swipes at estranged wife Heather Mills on his new album, due to be released in early June. McCartney's song, "Mr. Bellamy" says "No one to tell me what to do, no one to hold my hand,.nobody to spoil the view, interfere with my plans.I like it up here without you," according the Sun newspaper. Other reports have widely discussed the name of McCartney's album, "Memory Almost Full," which is reportedly an anagram for "For My Soul Mate L.L.M.," which is believed to be a reference to McCartney's late wife, Linda, who died in 1998. McCartney and Mills have been embroiled in a bitter custody and financial battle since last July, after a four year marriage.

McCartney Family Bodyguard Sides with Heather Mills

The former bodyguard who worked for Sir Paul McCartney and Heather Mills when the couple was married has spoken out about the marriage to Britain's Sunday Mirror newspaper. Sean Ghen said he was "impressed" with Heather and said he is "uneasy" about the negative press reports written about her. According to the article, Ghent said the reason the couple split was that "Heather was just too strong and energetic for him. It would take a strong man to keep up with her. He wanted a doormat and an obedient wife. She is just not like that." Ghen also said that McCartney "gets in a huff and sulks for three hours if things don't go his way."

Singer Christopher Cross Files for Divorce from Wife Jan

The Associated Press has reported that singer Christopher Cross has filed for divorce from his wife Jan. According to papers filed in a Los Angeles Superior Court, Cross cited "irreconcilable differences" as the reason. The couple was married for almost 19 years and has two teenage children. Cross is best known for the song "Sailing" and won a Grammy award for the theme song for the 1981 movie "Arthur."

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for April 27, 2007

Heather Mills Not Surprised She Was Booted from Dance Show

The estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney said she was not surprised when she and her dancing partner Jonathan Roberts were voted off "Dancing with the Stars" last week. "We knew we were going out. We were in the bottom two," she said. Mills reportedly donated the payment for her participation in the show to a charity for animals. Mills and McCartney have been embroiled in a bitter divorce battle since last year, reportedly fighting over custody of their daughter, 3, and financial settlements.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for April 20, 2007

Shock Rocker Marilyn Manson Talks about Split from Wife Dita Von Teese

Marilyn Manson has told Le Parisien newspaper that he and estranged wife Dita Von Teese are divorcing because "She wanted me to change.become more adult, more responsible." Manson was romantically linked to actress Evan Rachel Wood when the couple first separated. Von Teese, meanwhile, is performing a striptease act at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas and is a spokesmodel for the Mac cosmetics company.

Heather Mills Takes a Spill

The woman who's been amazing judges on the hit television show, "Dancing with the Stars" took a very public spill while dancing a Samba on the show's live broadcast. Mills was not injured, however, her fall showed a bit more of Mills than America probably wanted to see, exposing her underwear and her prosthetic leg. Heather Mills is divorcing rock mega-star and former Beatle Paul McCartney after four years of marriage. McCartney has not commented on the episode, but reportedly sent Mills flowers before her first show.

Music Celebrity Divorce Spotlight for April 17, 2007

Pamela Anderson Denies Romance with Ex-Husband Tommy Lee - Again

Pamela Anderson has denied a second round of rumors that she is reconciling with ex-husband Tommy Lee. Anderson's divorce from musician Kid Rock will be final in May. Anderson denied reports of a reconciliation with Lee in March, after the couple was photographed kissing at a Hollywood restaurant. Now the couple is vacationing in Hawaii with their children. On her website, Anderson wrote, "It's only a family vacation. No new news." Anderson also recently wrote on her website that she is interested in furthering a friendship with Lee and is not interested in other men.

Website Videotapes Britney Spears Railing Against Media

After joining her cousin for a tanning session and a meal at a Los Angeles restaurant, pop star Britney Spears granted an exclusive, on-the-spot interview in which she sarcastically railed against the media reports about her recent troubles. In a video posted on the website X17online, Spears tells an X17 photographer, "I just really, like, wanna say like, how nice our world is...because like, the other day I saw this magazine...and it said, like, I was pregnant...like, always believe everything you read...because I am. I really am pregnant...like, just always believe what you read...and management really knew what they were doing when they sent me to rehab, like totally." Spears recently reached a divorce settlement with estranged husband Kevin Federline, after finishing an alcohol rehab program at the Promises treatment center.

Actress Heather Locklear and Rocker Richie Sambora Now Divorced

A Los Angeles Superior court finalized the divorce of actress Heather Locklear and rock star Richie Sambora. Locklear filed for divorce from Sambora in February of last year, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple was married for 11 years and has one daughter.

Heather Mills Kicks Up Some Good Publicity on "Dancing" Show

Heather Mills, estranged wife of Sir Paul McCartney, has been impressing judges on the television show, "Dancing with the Stars" and has reportedly received other television offers. "You continue to amaze me," said one judge, "You look like a Rolls Royce when dancing." Mills, who lost one of her legs in an accident years ago, has been performing complicated dance routines better than many of the two-legged stars on the show. Tongues have been wagging that the good publicity from the television show could help change Mills' media-challenged image. Mills was criticized widely during her marriage to McCartney, with an increase in criticism after filing for divorce from the beloved Beatle and reportedly claiming McCartney was violent with her, was a boozer, and was insensitive about her leg. The couple is embroiled in a bitter divorce battle over custody over their daughter Beatrice, as well as financial settlements to Mills. The couple was married for four years. No prenuptial agreement was signed.