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Divorce "Do"s & "Don't"s


During a divorce, things are rarely simple, depending on the divorcing parties' ability to agree a divorce settlement. When working through the divorce process, there are some things you should consider doing - or not doing - to help filing for divorce go as smoothly as possible.

The Non-Issues of Divorce

Although people going through the divorce process may have many issues to work out either through divorce mediation, negotiations with a divorce lawyer or by order of the divorce court, there are actually some issues that don't need to be worked out. Through divorce, the fighting should come to an end.

The issues that some couples fight about and divorce over may actually not be the same issues that need to be worked out during the divorce process. Issues in the relationship may no longer need to be argued about or even discussed after the couple have begun negotiating the divorce, unless it may affect the divorce settlement.

The Petty Issues of Divorce

If minor issues can be amicably resolved, the divorce process can be a lot smoother with less litigation and stress for both parties. Divorce court judges may decide issues like who gets pet custody, but often it's best for the family to work out arrangements that would make everyone happy. There may come a time in any divorce when it's best to negotiate, cooperate and compromise for a more favorable outcome than allowing every detail to be decided by the divorce court.

Child Custody, Child Visitation and Child Support

When children are involved in divorce, it's important the legal process is handled correctly and efficiently so that the best interests of the children are protected. In some states, divorce mediation is mandatory, especially during divorces where child custody, child visitation and child support are at issue. It can be beneficial to put aside anger and frustrations to work together to create a smooth transition for the benefit of the children and family.

Equitable Property Division

Divorcing parties can work together through divorce lawyers to divide property fairly so that a divorce court doesn't have to make such important decisions. If one or both spouses fail or resist to disclose all financial assets, a lengthy discovery process, including additional depositions and subpoenas, may be required.

Proper Legal Representation

To negotiate during divorce and navigate the divorce process in court, it may be important to be represented by a divorce lawyer. Divorce proceedings can often be complex and important deadlines may be easily missed. Without adequate representation, many people feel very hopeless.

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