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Childless Divorce


There are many factors that can make getting a divorce more complicated. Perhaps no single issue complicates divorces more than children.

When a married couple has children, then child custody, visitation, support, and a litany of other factors can complicate the divorce process. But for couples without children, few if any of these factors come into play, and may mean the process is easier on a personal and legal level.

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Options for Childless Couples in Divorce

Because of all the legal and emotional complexities around children in a divorce, the process can become lengthy and complicated. For couples without kids, the divorce process may be smoother, focusing only on issues such as property distribution, asset division, and spousal support.

With less to argue over, many childless couples find that there are other options available to them, such as mediation or alternative dispute resolution, to help them reach the terms of their divorce. They may also find that they spend less time in the court room and working with their attorneys.

Divorce Laws & Children

Family laws in many states are designed to uphold the institution of marriage, with the primary focus on creating the best environment for the family and children. However, many states have loopholes that allow childless couples to divorce more easily and more quickly.

In some states, the fact that a marriage is without children can affect the procedures for divorce. For example, in Tennessee, divorcing couples with kids have higher standards to meet in order to qualify than couples without kids. One cause for divorce under Tennessee laws is separation of the spouses for a certain period of time. But, this is only an option for couples that do not have children.

Another example is Virginia, where, as most states, there is a mandatory waiting period before a couple can get a divorce. The standard waiting period in Virginia is 1 year. But for childless couples, the waiting period can be reduced to six months. It is another example of the states attempting to add protections to the family structure.

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