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Divorce with Children

If you have children, the divorce process can be traumatic for them. As a responsible parent, you want to do everything you can to help your children cope with your divorce, and as much as possible, make sure your spouse can as well. There are a number of ways that you can minimize the negative impacts of divorce on your children.

  • Don't badmouth your spouse during divorce

    It's understandable that you're probably extremely angry at your spouse, but in most cases, your children are not. It's hard enough for children to handle divorce but hearing how evil the other parent is can be devastating. Don't involve your children in the divorce battle.

  • Get counseling for your children throughout the divorce process

    Many children of divorcing parents feel responsible for the divorce, which can generate tremendous feelings of guilt and depression. Don't let this happen to your children. A mental health professional can help your kids through the divorce process; if you can afford it, you may want to hire a therapist or other health care professional experienced in this process. You and your spouse should also consider counseling; it won't only help you with your own emotional issues, but it can also help you to help your kids.

  • Try to cooperate with your spouse during divorce

    If possible, try to cooperate with your spouse so your children don't have to experience the pain of a lengthy and bitter divorce battle. Even if you think you can hide your fighting, most children can feel the tension and anger. Try to work settle the divorce amicably through alternative dispute resolution. Your children will be much happier and emotional scars will heal much more quickly. Also, don't try to stop your spouse from seeing your children - unless your child's protection is a concern.

  • Always put your children's welfare first

    The legal standard the court will follow when determining child custody and child support is the best interest of the child. You should follow the same rule. Remember, no matter how much you may be hurting, eventually you will begin to heal from the pain of your divorce. It's much more difficult for your children to recover.

  • Keep your children out of the divorce process as much as possible

    In most cases, your kids won't want to have any involvement in your divorce. Keep them out of the process as much as you possibly can by not giving them the details, bringing them to your divorce lawyer's office and introducing them to your new love interest right away. This doesn't mean that you should refuse to answer questions if they ask or express an interest in what's going on. Try to give them the essential details without blaming your spouse, and constantly reassure them they are not responsible for the divorce.

  • If you have concerns about your spouse's treatment of your children, get a temporary restraining order

    A temporary restraining order prevents either spouse from taking actions that would violate divorce laws, such as out-of-state moves during the divorce. If you are concerned about domestic violence with respect to your children, you can ask the court to issue a temporary restraining order to prevent certain actions your spouse may take.

  • If any domestic violence occurs during your divorce, call the police

    Don't allow your spouse to commit any domestic violence against you or your children. If it does occur, call the police immediately and file a police report. Also call your divorce attorney as soon as possible.

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