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Domestic Violence Divorce

Divorce is never pretty or fun. But when violence is involved in the marriage, tensions run even higher.

If you are interested in getting a divorce, but not sure where to start, an attorney might be able to help. A lawyer might be able to help you determine your goals and how to best achieve them. If you’d like to talk to a divorce attorney in your area, just fill out the short form below.

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Working Through Abusive Relationships

It is often very difficult for victims of domestic violence to find the courage to file for divorce, particularly if there are children involved. Abusive relationships tend to undermine the victim's confidence and cut off avenues of support, so that self-doubt and lack of resources create obstacles to separation and starting over. The victim may also fear triggering greater violence by leaving, or the abuser may use children as a weapon.

Help is available.  Most counties have non-profit domestic violence programs that offer or help arrange for shelter, counseling and practical assistance for the victim attempting to get out of an abusive relationship.  Additional resources are available online through national clearinghouses.  And, of course, a local divorce attorney can explain the victim's rights and options.

Taking the first step can be difficult and it may be a volatile time.  Often the conflict and violence escalates during the transition--that's why it's so important to get advice from professionals, not just about your legal rights but about taking precautions and protecting yourself. 

Speak with a lawyer and get the help you need filing for divorce.

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