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Whether you've decided to take the initiative to end your marriage or you've been served with divorce papers, you need to understand the divorce process, your rights and what you can expect in the coming months. During this difficult time, it's important you keep a clear head, gather accurate information and get advice from a local divorce lawyer who can help guide you through the process.

It's easy to make bad decisions during an emotional time, or to prioritize "getting it over with" at the expense of planning for the future, but the decisions you make now may impact the rest of your life.

Case Evaluation

Divorce Reaches into Different Areas of Your Life

During divorce, there will be many issues that need to be resolved, such as:

To resolve these issues, you may need to hire appraisers to determine the value of your home and assets. A custody counselor or other professional may need to be consulted before the divorce court determines child custody and child visitation. Witnesses may need to be called or evidence provided about custody, dissipation of assets, source of property and more.

There are also issues you may not have considered. What are the tax consequences of filing for divorce - including your property division or any award of alimony or maintenance?

Is your spouse entitled to a share of your pension, even though you won't be retiring for many years? Can one of you lose your medical insurance coverage when you are no longer a legal dependent of the other?

After Divorce

Issues decided in a divorce case are usually finalized in the divorce decree. There may be an appeal to modify the divorce decree, but that may not always be possible.

Typically, property division generally can't be modification except under extreme circumstances, such as when there's evidence one party has concealed assets. Other issues remain "open" after the final divorce decree is entered. For instance, you may be able to modify child support or child custody under certain circumstances; the possibility remains open for as long as the child or children involved are dependent minors.

If your divorce is final but you're having trouble with child support enforcement or you want to petition to modify child custody, a divorce lawyer can help.

Answer Your Questions with Help from a Divorce Lawyer

Connect with a local divorce lawyer to help you make decisions for your financial and emotional future. A divorce attorney can also guide you through the divorce process, so you don't have to worry about learning about technical details that are critical to a legal proceeding.

When custody of your children, ownership of your home and your livelihood are at stake, you don't want to take chances or enter into the divorce process uninformed. Call 877-349-1310 or fill out a divorce case review form to find a divorce attorney in your area today.